TikTok Makeup Trends That Have Dominated 2020 So Far


Ever since lockdown began, more and more people have started using TikTok. While the app is commonly associated with dance videos, it’s also a gold mine for beauty lovers across the globe. From makeup trends to skincare recommendations and even beauty hacks; you can learn a lot from this app. There's so much to watch, but so little time. We've rounded up the top 5 makeup looks that are currently dominating the makeup world, all thanks to TikTok.

Rainbow Eyeshadow

Bright, bold, and colourful--it’s the rainbow eyeshadow trend. Even though this has been around for quite a while, you can thank TikTok as it's blowing up on every social media platform currently. While this makeup look might be a bit tricky to do, there are plenty of TikTok makeup tutorial videos that will help become you a pro in no time. 

Before starting this look, it is important to prime your eyes if you want your eyeshadow colours to really pop. When it comes to the colours, you can blend various rainbow hues on your eyelids or even take it a step further and do a rainbow cut-crease. It’s playful, edgy and can really brighten up your mood. You can also click some bomb selfies to flaunt your new look.

PC: @raggedyroyal

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@raggedyroyal/video/6824584891527695621

Cloud Eyes

Time to bring the clouds to you! It may sound a bit bizarre, but this makeup trend has become a TikTok favourite. It is all about creating a dreamy look that’s eye-catching and super pleasing to the eyes. With face masks being the new normal, eye makeup has taken center stage. So now’s the time to take full advantage and let your creativity shine. 

For this look, you first need to prime your eyes, then add a coloured eyeshadow, accompanied by white cloud-shapes on your crease using a white eyeliner. The next time someone says makeup isn’t an art form, you can and prove them wrong with this look.

PC: @luxebybeth_

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@luxebybeth/video/6827741846899297541

Non-Creased Foundation

No creases? Hell yes! This TikTok makeup foundation hack is changing the way people apply their base and we're here for it. This no-crease foundation hack is, in fact, a beauty technique that’s been used by makeup artists for years but now thanks to the social media app, the secret is out for us to try it out. If you hate those undesirable creases, then you need to give this hack a shot. 

First, start with a bit of moisturizer, then instead of a primer use translucent powder, followed by setting spray. Once this is done, go ahead and apply the primer and then top everything off with foundation. This trick will mattify your look and it’s perfect if your skin is on the oilier side.


Two-Toned Brows

Since we’re all quarantined at home, many are using this opportunity to try out makeup looks they otherwise wouldn’t. That could be one of the reasons why Two-Toned Brows is a popular TikTok makeup trend RN. Many beauty artists and their followers are using this trend to express themselves online.

You can do the same by matching half your eyebrow to your eyeshadow colour. Ditch your subtle nudes and pink for this trend and opt for bright, bold hues.

PC: @abbyroberts

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@abbyrartistry/video/6821615532635196678

The Fox Eye Challenge

This has been Bella Hadid’s signature look ever since she started walking the ramp and now everyone wants to accentuate their eyes in the same way. But this beauty trend has had its fair share of controversy! #TheFoxEyeChallenge which is all about elongating and lifting the eye for an angular finish and even shaving off the ends of your eyebrows has gained plenty of love and hate. Even though it's still popular, it has received a lot of criticism as many Asians feel like it's as an act of cultural appropriation and ignores the discrimination many have faced in the past for having this very same feature.  

PC: @bellahadid

How many of these TikTok beauty trends have you tried at home?

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