Three reasons to #TurnOnYourEyes


Women in India often live in a climate of fear and vigilance. Four out of five women have confirmed that they first experienced street harassment when they were under 18. More than one-third were first harassed between the ages of 11 and 15. And one in three of those harassed women reported experiencing anxiety, depression or ongoing mental health issues as a direct result. Women of all ages are very much the targets of sexualised comments, unwanted touching, leering and intimidation. While all forms of harassment are disturbing, ogling, gawking and staring is a common and cowardly form of harassment which women and girls face on an everyday basis. It may not seem like much but is as dangerous and disturbing as other forms of assault.

Unwelcome gawking or looking at women in a way that makes her feel conscious and uncomfortable is offensive, humiliating or intimidating. There aren’t any laws against looking, but piercing or judgemental gaze can affect women in different ways. This can be from anyone, males and females alike. Judging a woman by the way she dresses or by her choice of haircut, lifestyle or sexual orientation is prevalent and is no less than harassment. No one deserves, or asks, to be harassed or judged. Everyone has the right to work and live in an environment that’s free from harassment, bullying, discrimination and violence.

This is not just an article on women empowerment, but it does intend to draw attention towards the importance of women empowerment. It is about time women took charge and turned tables to empower themselves. MyGlamm’s #TurnOnYourEyes campaign is about encouraging women to use their most beautiful asset, their eyes, to glare back at all those who try to put them down. Taking cue from an eye for an eye, it’s time women met every malicious gaze with a stronger gaze of their own instead of cowering or pulling back in fear or doubt. You are what you are, and no one can make you feel unworthy or ashamed about anything without your permission. So, when they stare, glare back and show that they do not have any power over you.

We give you three reasons to Turn On Your Eyes:

Because it's about time women glared back at people who try to put them down and reverse the shame: Every girl and woman in India has felt scornful and demeaning gaze upon herself at some point of time. Be it the sinister gaze of depraved men, judgemental gaze of other women or disapproving gaze of the society, due to various reasons, women have been ogled into humiliation and intimidation. It’s time to turn that around, and get back at all those haters who try to make you feel uncomfortable. Face your fears, do not get cowered down and glare back. Don't let feelings of self-doubt or confusion stop you from seeking help or speaking out. Meet all the sinister gazes with your confident one and move on with your life.

To empower yourself: Empowering yourself is the first step towards self-care and is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. Letting someone’s words or actions affect you is like giving the power to someone else to make you feel unworthy. The world can be a difficult place with so many mean and obnoxious people out there. It is best to empower and equip yourself to ward of negativities directed to you. Empower your body by eating healthy, exercising regularly. Empower your mind by practising some form of art and by meditation. Enrol yourself in defence classes, learn to protect yourself from physical and emotional abuse. Learn a new art or craft to nurture your spirit. There are several ways to empower your body, mind and spirit. The idea is to nurture yourself so that you can lead a happy and fulfilling life.

It makes you look beautiful: Life is never perfect, but your makeup can be. Yes, makeup is a medium that boosts your confidence by making you look beautiful. Since ages, women and men have been taking the help of makeup to look and feel good. Natural beauty is always a good thing, and makeup can help enhance it. We are all not blessed with perfect features, while it may not be a thing to be ashamed of, taking the help of makeup certainly doesn’t hurt. Turn On your Eyes by defining them and making them look more beautiful and expressive with makeup. Be it kajal, eyeliner, eyeshadow, or mascara, get your eyes on fleek with MyGlamm’s eye makeup range.


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