This "Quarantine Nails" Trend On Instagram Is Perfect For Easter 

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The list of at-home activities are endless and will definitely keep us all busy until the pandemic is under control and it’s safe to go out again. Alongside making #dalgonacoffee, baking and bringing out your inner Van Gogh, there are a few beauty regimens that are fun, easy and totally DIY worthy. From making a face mask using ingredients found in your kitchen to making your own hair mask and even DIY lip scrubs—the list goes on. But we’ve got the latest quarantine trend that you’re definitely going to want to try and it’s perfect for Easter. Forget about waiting for the parlour to open again, grab your nail paints and nail file, it’s time to give yourself a #quarantinemanicure.

Ever since this lockdown began, various trends have taken over Instagram and TikTok and right now “#QuarantineNails” is having its moment with everyone’s favourite being the Rainbow Manicure otherwise known as Gradient Nails. This nail art trend has been around for a while now but has suddenly gained popularity during this lockdown because of how easy it is to do. After all, the only DIY nail art tools you’ll need are your nail paints and a filer. These rainbow manicures are also the perfect #EasterNails. Even though Easter 2020 is going to be very different as compared to the past years due to this pandemic, you can still, however, get into the holiday mood with this nail trend. So, until this lockdown is lifted, take matters into your own hands and try these easy nail art designs for beginners at home. These quarantine nails are for those just eagerly waiting for a manicure.

Choose from these Easter Sunday rainbow manicures and make one your to-do project ASAP.

Bright Pastels

These bright pastels definitely have that Easter vibe. A different pastel shade on each finger is easy, simple and chic and they are bright enough to catch your family’s eyes even during this year's special Easter video calls.

Instagram PC: @viryzzle

Muted-Rainbow Colour

For those who aren’t into bright colours, these muted-rainbow shades are perfect for you. They are trendy and get you into the Easter mood without you having to compromise on your style during this lockdown.

Instagram PC: @overglowedit

Ombre Rainbow

Get inspired by this ombre rainbow manicure and brighten up your day while under quarantine. It’s chic, stylish and totally Instagram worthy. This nail art maybe a bit harder than the others but you could still give it a try at home. It’s a great way to pass the time during this lockdown.

Instagram PC: @charmboard

Rainbow Tips

For all those who love minimalistic trends, this one is for you. Upgrade your French manicure and add a hint of colour to your nails. You can use your polish brush to paint the edges and later clean it up with a bit of nail polish remover just like blogger @overglowedit.

Instagram PC: @overglowedit

Ray Of Sunshine

If you have short nails and you have a bunch of yellow nail paints lying around, you can use them to create this summer-worthy quarantine nail art.

Instagram PC: @lifewithjordans


There isn’t going to be any Easter-egg hunt this year but you can still get into the holiday spirit with this egg inspired nail art. Just paint your nails and dot on a bit of black nail paint to recreate this quarantine inspired nails.

Instagram PC: @holliebedsbeauty

Good Hare Day

For those who are pros at doing their nails and looking for a challenge, how about trying the bunny nails. For this nail art, use pastel colours as your base and draw a bunny on top of your coated nails using a toothpick or a pin. Paint them on and show them off during your family Easter video call meetup.

Instagram PC: @beauty_with_bri_

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