This Latest Makeup Addition Is an Absolute Must-Have


Applying eyeshadow can be a fussy task – the pigment residue, the blending, too much colour, too less colour, sigh! What’s a girl to do you ask? Well, say hello to the Powder Magic, the latest makeup multi-tasker for the eyes. 

Now, Powder eyeshadow stick have been around for some time, but powder eyeshadows in a jumbo pencil format, especially one that’s as handy and versatile as the Powder Magic, well that’s just upped the eye makeup game altogether. Powder Magic, the latest makeup additions to the range, are jumbo crayon sticks that are practically fool-proof and let’s face it, not all of us can create runway- ready eye makeup looks no matter how many YouTube/Instagram videos we obsessively save and watch. The pencil eyeshadow format makes it so easy to use, even if you are not well versed with makeup, do not have a steady hand or are simply too lazy to play the blending game.

Why We’re Obsessing
These little babies pack quite a punch. Available in four iridescent shades – Amethyst, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz & Goldmine add depth and definition to your eyes in a matter of second. Eyeshadow application couldn’t have gotten easier! It’s as easy as swipe and go! They lend themselves beautifully to any outfit or any occasion. If it’s a brunch you’re heading to just a single swipe should add the perfect hint of shimmer. Use it as a liner or in the corner of your eyes to add definition. A night about town on the card? Well, rest assured the least time you will be spending is on your eye makeup. Just grab two complementary colours from the Powder Magic range and get to it. The pigment is buildable, so you can even go for a single colour and just build upon it.

Why We’re Adding It to Cart
Seriously, have you looked at these?! Four, smaller-than your-pen crayons that fit snugly anywhere without jostling for space with the rest of your makeup essentials. Rich but buildable pigment- what’s not to love? So easy to apply, you need no tutorial for this one. It’s also perfectly suited for our hot and humid climate, the colour won’t budge or smudge for at least eight hours, which is honestly a whole lot of play time. The velvety finish is easy on your skin as well. It does not tug at the sensitive skin of your eyelids. What’s more, it also comes with a sharpner so you don’t have to worry about blunt edges.

Powder magic is available in four fabulous shades:

Aquamarine: a sparkling aqua green shade

Smoky Quartz: a deep golden brown shade

Amethyst: a champagne gold shimmery shade

Goldmine: a modern lavender shade

Stock up all these four gorgeous shades now.

Check out a step by step tutorial to create a party eye makeup look using Powder Magic Eyeshadow Stick 



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