Things You Need To Keep In Mind Before Waxing!

However, be it a smaller area of your body or larger area, some preparation needs to be done before you head for your waxing rituals. Here’s how you can make sure to be wax-ready before your appointment:

Run Through A Skin Check: A day prior to your waxing appointment, make sure you check your skin for any moles or marks. Broken skin or inflammation needs to be pointed out to the aesthetician for them to protect the wound while waxing.

Let Your Body Hair Grow For 2-3 Weeks: If there is no proper hair growth, it will make it difficult for the wax to grip it. Let your hair grow for about 2-3 weeks and not longer than that because then it might cause more pain while pulling out the hair through wax. An eighth to a quarter of an inch-long hair is ideal for leg, underarm and bikini area.



Gently Exfoliate: Ditch the harsh scrubs for a gentler exfoliation around the areas that need to be waxed because exfoliation helps wax grab the hair and not skin. A harsh scrub might leave your skin more sensitive to pain, therefore, keep it lighter.



Avoid Moisturizing On The Day Of Your Waxing Appointment: Though well-moisturized skin allows the hair to come off easily, we suggest not to use any kind of moisturizer on the day of your waxing appointment. Because a moisturizer may come in the way of the wax’s grip.



Keep The Bikini Area Clean: Whether you go for a Brazilian wax or bikini line, ensure that you have the skin in your bikini area absolutely clean. Areas of the body that are damp are more likely to be prone to bacterial growth. And since waxing can leave your skin vulnerable to infection, take precaution while getting such a sensitive area of your body waxed.



Once you’re wax-ready, simply dial 1800 103 1516 and we’ll help you get your waxing rituals in the comfort of your home.


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