Things To Do While Stuck At Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Things To Do While Stuck At Home During The Coronavirus Outbreak

What apparently started off in one of the wet markets China (not confirmed yet) is now haunting the world. The coronavirus outbreak was officially declared a pandemic by WHO last week and right now all people can do to avoid being infected is stay at home and practice social distancing.

While this may sound achievable to some, for others who are always out and about and barely spend time at home, staying quarantined for an indefinite amount of time might get a bit maddening. But instead of whining about it, look at it from a different perspective; with so much time on your hands, this is the best moment to catch up on your to-do self-care list and start making a few changes to your beauty lifestyle. We have all wanted a break from our hectic schedules, and we’ve got it. While we wish it was under better circumstances, we might as well make the best of what we have right now. So, ditch those heels and slip into your PJs, here are a few things you can do while stuck at home.

1.  Clean Your Makeup Brushes 

The first thing to do while stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak is to finally get to cleaning your makeup brushes. Dirty makeup brushes are a breathing ground for bacteria hence they must be washed every week. If you were wondering why you always break out or even suffer from rashes despite having a good skin care routine, well, here’s your problem. You should regularly clean your makeup brushes and sponges whether there’s a virus outbreak or not.

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If you’re wondering how to clean your makeup brushes naturally, well, soap and hot water will do just fine. Also, make sure to disinfect your makeup bottles by cleaning them with sanitizer wipes.

2.  Organize Your Beauty Cabinet

Use this coronavirus quarantine time to tidy up your makeup cabinet. You don’t need to have OCD or be a neat freak to Marie Kondo your makeup. A carefully organized makeup collection that consists of separating your essentials from lesser-used products and colour-coding your lipsticks and eyeshadows will make your life so much easier and it’s also a great way to pass the time.

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3.  Give Yourself A Mani-Pedi

It’s advisable not to venture out even to the salon during these trying times but that doesn’t mean you can’t get salon-like nails at home. One of the fun things you can do while stuck at home during this coronavirus outbreak is a DIY mani-pedi. It’s not hard to do manicures at home and with the end of this season’s fashion week, there are a whole lot of nail art designs you can work with. Best of all, you don’t need to be a pro to recreate these nail art designs.

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4.  Invest In A Proper Skincare Routine

Splashing water on your face and using a bit of face wash isn’t what we consider a proper skincare routine. Now that you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, invest your time in the 10-step Korean skincare routine you’ve been avoiding. This simple skincare routine steps will help rejuvenate your skin and give you flawless glass skin.

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5. Netflix & Sheet Mask

Forget about Netflix and Chill, now it’s all about Netflix and sheet masks. Applying a sheet mask and just lounging around is the ultimate relaxation therapy and if you’ve always been pressed for time and never got to enjoy this beaut then now’s your chance to take full advantage of the situation. If you don’t have a sheet mask, don’t worry! There are many DIY facemasks for glowing skin that can be made using ingredients from your kitchen.

6.  Commit To A Strict Lip Care Regimen

Lip care is always overlooked when it comes to skincare. Use this time at home to make your lips ultra-smooth and kiss worthy by incorporating lip care into your beauty routine and make sure you stick to it. Remember to exfoliate your skin regularly to remove any dead skin cells. They are plenty of lip care home remedies and lip care products you can use to heal damaged lips.

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7.  Double Up On the Hand Cream

During this coronavirus outbreak, it is advisable to wash your hand regularly and for a longer period as well as use plenty of hand sanitizer. Following this routine to prevent the spread of coronavirus can leave your skin dry and cracked. So, stock up on those hand creams, and keep your hands moisturized all day long.

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8. Master The Art Of Makeup

There is always something new to learn when it comes to makeup. So, during this lockdown phase, start browsing through YouTube and start learning about how to perfect your makeup game. From studying eye makeup tutorials and learning how to perfect the cat eye or understanding how to apply eyeshadow to finding the right lipstick shades to match your skin tone, MyGlamm’s YouTube channel has it all. Now is the time to elevate your makeup game, so once it’s safe to venture out again you’ll be a makeup pro. 

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