These Songs Will Make You Fall in Love With Yourself

These Songs Will Make You Fall in Love With Yourself

What is beauty? Applying tons of makeup and pretending to be someone you’re not? No girl, that’s not what defines beauty. Beauty lies in accepting your flaws and your true self. There’s no better time to show yourself than now. The novel corona virus outbreak has forced several countries across the globe to go on a complete lockdown, something we haven’t imagined in our wildest dreams, but instead of focusing on just the negatives why don’t why we draw more attention to ourselves and practice some self-love? And the best way to do so is with some music. If you love the idea of switching to music as a meditative way of accepting your true beauty, keep reading.

Here’s a beauty inspired playlist collated just for you

Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

In the song ‘Beautiful’ Christina Aguilera inspires self-confidence, hope and self-love. Her song address to both men and women who feel shame and doubt their beauty.

Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

This popular number that was realized in the year 2010 by singer Bruno Mars is sure to a couple favourite but, have really paid close attention to the music video. If you do, you’ll notice that although the girl he loves can't take a compliment, the song's narrator showers her with them. He defines how amazingly beautiful she is and asks her not to change a thing that makes her who she is. It’s time you show yourself some love with the Glow Iridescent Brightening Sheet Mask

You & I (No Body in The World) By John Legend

If you're overly concerned about your outward appearance, perhaps you may step back and see yourself through the eyes of these who love you best. This R&B song defines a man's admiration for the one he loves as she hassles together with her makeup and changes outfits for an evening out. He sees the wonder that springs from within because isn't that what really counts?

Ugly by Sugababes

This 2005 British pop song shoots down the haters who want to destroy your confidence and make you feel ugly. It has a very profound message that says don't let others' judgments of your physical character impact your self-confidence and love of yourself. We need to realize that their criticism comes from their own lack of self-confidence. So go ahead and flaunt your favourite red lipstick. If you’re being judged, be it so.

What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

Beautiful people don't always feel swayed about the face that they are attractive. In this 2011 boy band single the narrator gushes about how beautiful his crush is. She's shy and insecure and doesn't see it.

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