These Lipstick Hacks Are All You Need For An Effortless Makeup Regime


Nothing beats the appeal of a great shade of lipstick, a must-have in every makeup regime. From vibrant shades and subtle hues to matte finishes and bold ones, there is much to unpack when it comes to the power-packed essential. But how does one make their choice of lip colour stand the test of time and last all day without fading out, feathering or bleeding? Is there a 'right way' to apply lipsticks? Turns out there is and so without further ado, we look into some of the reliable lipstick hacks that will help you make the most of it. Read on.

Do not exfoliate your lips too much
Do not exfoliate too much
While exfoliation can get rid of the dead skin cells and loose skin, scrubbing the lips too often can only lead to perpetually dry and even painful lips. Stick to exfoliating your lips not more than twice a week. Use a homemade and/or natural scrub or pick a gentle, store-bought one. Keep that pout smooth, with care.

Lip Balm
Moisturise in advance
We all know the importance of well-moisturised lips but avoid applying lip balm right before lipstick application. This will make it difficult for the lip colour to stick on your lips. Make sure you moisturise the lips well in advance (at least 10 minutes prior), applying a thin layer instead of a thick one. 

Lip liner
Lip liner
Lip liners have a purpose beyond just lining your lovely pout. A coat of lip liner provides a good base for the lipstick, helping it stay put better. Also, the boundaries will prevent the lipstick from smudging or bleeding beyond the lips area. Investing in a couple of failsafe lip liners is bound to save you a lot of hassle. 

Layer your lipstick
Layer your lipstick
Layering gives you better pigmentation and also reinforces the lipstick shade. After applying a coat of lipstick, place a thin layer of tissue on your lips, taking care not to press. Then dip a fluffy brush into translucent fixing powder and dab it across through the tissue layer. The fine powder will sieve through the tissue, depositing on your lips and allowing the shade to stay longer. If required, add another layer of lipstick. Avoid dusting powder directly on the lips as it could create a mess.

Lip concealer
Use concealer
The primary role of a concealer is to even out the skin tone. After moisturising, apply a thin layer of concealer to make the skin on the lips appear neutral. This will give you a cleaner application and also a better colour payoff. However, do not use a thick layer of concealer; simply dab a tiny amount, using your finger.

Lip Highlighter hack
Highlighter hack
Dab on some highlighter on the centre of the lips to make them appear fuller. Use your fingers to pat some highlighting powder on the centre of the bottom lip, where the natural light would hit. This will give end up giving your lips a nice sheen, making them look plumped up. You may also dab some highlighter on the Cupid’s bow for an effortless look. 

Lip Brush Precise Application
Precise application
While lipsticks are designed to be applied directly on the lips from the tube, many prefer using a brush or even fingers for application. Using a lip brush will give you a precise product control while an application with fingers will lend control over coverage. Try all the techniques and pick whatever works the best for you. 

Nude lipstick
Rock the subtle shades
Since nude lipstick is a rage, your lipstick collection is incomplete without one (or many). A general rule of thumb while picking a nude shade of lipstick is to go for something that is one shade darker than your skin tone. Choose from pink or orange undertones or opt for richer, warmer shades like chocolate, caramel, rosy browns, selecting the one that suits your liking. 

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