The Perfect Pout Prep

With lipstick in bold, vivacious colours being all the rage and finding a pride of place in almost every makeup kit, you can be rest assured that the fad isn't dying anytime soon. Let's face it when applied well, they really do look bomb and better still when that colour is applied to healthy, smooth lips. Here's a routine you can adhere to make sure your lips look plump and healthy when coated with rich colour

Exfoliate Your Lips
Coloured flaky lips is not a good look on anyone, but that is exactly what your lips will look like if you dont exfoliate them before wearing a liquid lipcolour. If you dont have a lipscrub at hand the easiest thing to do is mix olive oil and sugar in equal quantities and gently massage it over your lips in circular motion with a soft washcloth. Rinse your lips with warm water.

Moisturise Your Lips
Great makeup starts with good skin, ditto for your lips. Well moisturised lips not only help the colour to glide on smoothly over your lips but also dont let it fade easily. Here are a few quick and easy tip to implement before applying a liquid lipcolor- place some thinly sliced cucumber over cracked lips for twenty minutes. Apply warm coconut oil with your finger tips or a cotton bud. 

Lip colour
Now that you've prepped and primed your lips, your favourite lippie isn't going to feather or fade easily. You could also apply a lip primer over them so that the colour is more intense. Finish off with a gloss (or not) and you're set to own the day.


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