The Perfect Eyeliner Style to Suit Your Eye Shape


As elegant as it looks, winged eyeliner isn’t for everybody.

Because while that eyeliner stroke certainly accentuates your eyes, it may not be the best style for your eye shape. Like clothes, different styles of eyeliner flatter different eye shapes.The assumption is that all eyeliner styles work for everyone which is far from the truth. Keeping in mind your eye shape is important to determine what liner style will work for you. Elongating a flick or a traditional cat eye may not work for everyone although the images and tutorials flooding social media may have you thinking otherwise.

Read on to find out which style is perfectly suited for you, give it a try and see the difference.

Almond eyes:
You girls with almond eyes, we envy you. You can try pretty much any eyeliner technique and it’s bound to make your eye makeup look gorgeous. Here’s one: line the inner upper and lower rims with a kohl pencil. Then follow your eyelid’s contour with liquid liner, starting thin at the inner corner and thickening the line towards the outer corner. Create a bold wing to enhance the eye’s naturally upturned shape.

MyGlamm Pro Tip: Avoid using a dark liner/kohl along your waterline as it’ll make your eyes look smaller. Use a white liner/kohl instead.

Small eyes
Swipe liner along the upper lash line but don’t fill in your inner rim. Curl and add mascara to your lashes; that’s enough to give you a wide-eyed effect. When you want more dramatic eyes, thicken the liner as it reaches the outer corner of your eyes on both lash lines. Fade it out towards the inner corners and add a touch of highlighter to open up the eyes. No wings.

Wide eyes
Like the almond eye shape, this shape too can carry off most eyeliner techniques. Feel free to play around. If we had to pick the most flattering style for this shape, we’d go with the fierce cat-eye. Start by making a ‘V’ in the inner corner of your eye. Then, go over the top lash line with a liquid liner, consistently thickening the line as you go towards the outer corner. Finish with an attention grabbing wing.

Monolids or hooded eyes
As you go along the upper lash line, start thin at the inner corner and very gradually thicken the line. Stop where the eye ends. For a more dramatic effect, use a smudger brush to smudge out some kohl in a short-winged fashion, at the outer corners.

Close-set eyes
Focus on the outer corners to create the illusion of wide-set eyes. Try the double winged style with parallel wings extending from the upper and lower lash lines. Or create an extended ‘V’ by tracing a third of the upper and lower lash line and tailing it with a thick wing. Both the styles will draw attention to the outer edge of the eye. Just what you want.

MyGlamm Pro Tip: Keep the liner/kohl away from the inner corners of your eyes. Start the liner from the third/mid of the lash line, upper and lower.

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