How To Achieve The 'No-Makeup' Makeup Look

More and more women are opting for the no-makeup look. It may sound simple but mastering the no-makeup look or the barely-there makeup look is not as easy. The idea behind this nude makeup trend is that your skin has to look natural and so creating the right base is very important. The idea is to cover the flaws and blemishes on the skin, while accentuating the best assets and enhancing them further. The no makeup look can be worn in all seasons but it’s especially good for the summers when one does not want to be caked with heavy makeup. It also saves embarrassment of runny makeup in sweat and humidity along with the hassle of touch ups. The no-makeup look is also an everyday makeup look and can be worn to the office or when you are stepping outside and look like a fresh-faced beauty without trying too hard.

If you don’t want to look too made up while stepping out of your casa, this no makeup look is just what you need.

Here’s how to create this simple 'no-makeup' look:

Step 1: 

Start your no-makeup look by concealing your dark circles and spots on the face with an orange corrector. Cover it with foundation and blend seamlessly into the skin using a beauty blender. Once you're done, set your base with a setting powder

Step 2:

Fill in the brows with Stay Defined HD brow powder.

Step 3:          

Next, take some bronzer on a fluffy brush and apply it along the hollows of the cheeks and sides of the nose bridge. Dab a bit of highlighter on the brow bone and centre of the eyelids and blend evenly with a shader brush. Add a hint of colour on the cheeks with the help of blush.

Step 4:

Tight line the eyes with Jet Set Eyes kajal.

 Step 5:

Finally, complete your no-makeup look by scrubbing away dead skin cells from the lips and swipe on a pink nude lipstick to complete your look. 


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