Feathered Eyeliner Is The Latest 'It' Trend In The Beauty World & You've Gotta Try


The beauty world is always coming up with new and creative trends and the latest one that we've spotted is the feathered eyeliner look. Getting its name from the shape of a feather, it's gorgeous and also pretty out there. So why do a regular winged eyeliner when you can go the feathered way? Let's take our beauty look up a notch by trying out this trend. Of course, you can use a classic, black liner to achieve it but can also go the extra mile by experimenting with a coloured, glitter liner. 

A Step By Step Breakdown Of How To Create This Beauty Look

Step 1: Prime your eyelids with concealer or eyeshadow primer for a smooth base and then set it in place with loose powder.

Step 2: Use a neutral shadow in your crease to add depth to your eyes.

Step 3: Follow your natural lash line and put on eyeliner.

Step 5: Draw three wings towards the outer corner of your eyes and voila you've nailed the feathered eyeliner look.

If extra is your middle name, you can also go for multiple, coloured wings like this and trust us, your eyes will do all the talking.

Ready to give it a go?


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