The 2017 Makeup trends We're Taking Into 2018

Retrospect is a good thing. You know what not to repeat. For starters, you realize that thin eyebrows make you look like a plucked chicken, winged eyeliners do not qualify as last minute makeup tips hacks and that some makeup trends deserve to die a quick death. Not everything deserves to be left in the past, certainly not these makeup trends. Here's looking at all the makeup trends 2017 that we don't qualify as baggage for 2018. No, not you, spidery lashes!

1. Glitter Lids & Lips

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You can sport this without harking back to your adolescent days- it's called grown up gllitter. Chose a spot you'd like to add dimension to or be star of the show. Add some highlighter if you don't have shimmer to the centre of your lips. Apply glitter eyeshadow with a slightly damp brush. Repeat till your sparkle matches your mood/look.

Check out our FB video on the same!

2.Bold Berry Lips

We are suckers for this one (no pun intended). Just bitten or seductively heavy, the entire colour family right from deep burgundy to raspberry has us wanting more.

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We are dusting highlighter all over 2018 too, there we called it. This makeup trend from 2017 will be making an appearance over our eyelids, cupid's bow cheekbones in various forms and hues. Rihanna made a unified show of it at the Met Gala with her lids and cheekbones veiled in pink highlighter. We hear a red is extremely flattering too.

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4. Minimalistic Makeup

We have an entire lookbook section dedicated to this and with good reason. Nothing better than letting our skin breathe with only a hint of kajal, or smear of a bright lip shade. It's easy, it's quick and it suits #HungoverMondays beautifully.

5. Ombre Lips

Seen in 2015, made a comeback in 2017 and we are taking it to 2018.Work it by making sure the colour you apply on the outer corners of your lips is a darker shade outside than the one you use to fill in the center.


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