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From jewels to lavender lips, the coveted Cannes Film Festival is THE most fashionable place. Whether the stars choose to step out of the box or rely on the classics, it’s always a sight to behold for makeup lovers.

Princess Diana, 1987

The Princess of Wales attended the festival’s 40th anniversary and watched the world premier of The Whales of August, followed by a dinner honouring Sir Alec Guinnes in a blue chiffon gown matched perfectly with her signature rosy blush and pink tint on the lips enriched by her natural glow.

Try her look:


Madonna, 1991

The 90s were a certain type of beauty heaven, don’t you agree?

Thin, dark brows and shiny cherry lips - Madonna embodied the style of the decade.

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Cate Blanchett, 2006

There is more than one way to wow with your brows. Enhancing them with pencil, powder, and gel is simply one approach. The other? Bleach them out à la Blanchett and let the rest of your features shine with just a hint of peachy blush and a coral nude lip.

Try her look:

Gwen Stefani, 2011

While everyone toned it down for the French fête, the musician brought out the glam with an unapologetic smoky eye, major lashes, and a crimson satin lip.

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Kristen Stewart, 2016

If you subscribe to traditional beauty rules (we don’t), you might think red eyeshadow could bring out a certain ruddiness in the eyes. As a counterpoint: Stewart’s look was rich, sophisticated and particularly striking with her sharp green eyes and a peachy nude lip.

Try her look:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, 2016

Way ahead of trends, for the premiere of From the Land of the Moon, Ash’s pastel lipstick in a matte lavender picked up the lilac tones in the delicate beading in her dress, while her sooty smoky eyes felt sultry.

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, 2018

Ash wowed us again in 2018 as she sashayed down the red carpet with a rosy blush, crimson lips and the star of the look – bejeweled eyelids.

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Lupita Nyong’o, 2018

Saving the best for the last, reigning queen of the red carpet, Lupita Nyong’o dazzled us again with an out of the box periwinkle eyeliner and a brown lip with on-fleek highlighter.

Try her look:

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