Strobing- A Makeup Technique To Bring A Natural Shine On Your Face

Say goodbye to contouring. Hello Strobing!

The new makeup trend that every fashionista is talking about these days is called Strobing. This cool makeup technique promises to take your makeup game a notch higher. While contouring was all about using a thick blend of darker and lighter shades to chisel your facial features such as the cheeks, chin and nose, the all-new Strobing method does the complete opposite and promises not to leave your face a melting pot in the summer heat.

Our celebrity makeup trainer shows you how to do Strobing right in just 4 steps. Take a note!

All you need to master this technique is, a cream-based highlighter applied on the highest planes and points of the face.

Step 1: Highlight the tear ducts, bridge of the nose & cupids bow with a small brush

Step 2: Use a duo fibre brush to buff the highlighter

Step 3: Amplify the cream using a powder highlighter

Step 4: Finish with a hydrating mist to fuse the product into the skin



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