Strange Habits Only People Who Wear Makeup Are Familiar With!


Everyone admires someone whose makeup is on-point but every makeup addict knows the process that goes into achieving it isn’t so pretty. From the excessive spending to the dirty makeup brushes to the mess, we've compiled a list of few instances makeup lovers are all too familiar with but others might find a bit peculiar.

  1. It's never just one product.

When you need to buy blush but you land up buying lipsticks, highlighters, foundation and everything else in the store. 

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  1. Trying to figure out someone's lipstick shade while they're talking to you.

We’ve all been there. Trying to figure out the exact colour the other person’s wearing without realizing that we probably look a wee bit creepy.

  1. Saying that you’re going to wash your brushes but never do.

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We all know the importance of washing our makeup accessories & tools regularly but still decide to do it later. 

  1. Refusing to go out just because you removed your makeup

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Makeup off, pajamas on, that's the rule! Asking a girl who just removed her makeup to go out is equivalent to making last-minute plans with an introvert — it's never going to happen! 

  1. That heart-stopping moment you watch your favourite palette fall to the floor.

link: https://www.pinterest.ru/pin/131378514100012943/
If you thought a breakup was bad, think again! 

  1. Eating awkwardly in order to not mess up your lipstick.

It's almost 2020 and if you're still eating like this then it's time you invest in a good matte lipstick

  1. Holding back tears to not mess up your perfect winged liner.

When you finally managed to create the perfect winged liner on BOTH eyes, those tears can wait! 

  1. Used your hands instead of a beauty blender

'Cause your fingers are the OG beauty blenders.

  1. Having a mini-meltdown after attempting a makeup tutorial

When you’re doing everything exactly the same way but you end up looking like you're ready for Halloween rather than a glowing goddess.

  1. Having more than one lipstick in the same shade

link: https://me.me/i/the-only-type-of-random-nudes-i-want-to-receive-545708
“It’s all the same!” – Said no makeup lover ever!


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