Tricks to get perfect eyeliner


Shout out to all those who can mimic the swirls, twirls, dab and press routine of every makeup tutorial they see right down to the t. Luckily, for those of us that lack any artistic flair or dexterity what so ever, someone (we’re thanking them every second of our makeup routine) has come up with stamp on liners and flicks. Here’s your cheat sheet for creating a perfect winged eyeliner every time:

Stamp up!
Lately winged stamps have become the crowd favorite. They simply need to be coated with eyeliner and stamped in the right spot. You cannot ask for an easier solution. This method saves up on time and effort. There are also variety of stamps available and diy methods to create your own stamps. Get to stampin’!

Stamp Up

Tape those lids

Who knew taping your eyes would become the secret to perfect wings?
To achieve your perfect winged eyeliner look as a beginner make sure you try the tape technique which has become a trend among influencers as well.
Grab a piece of tape and put it up against the corner of your eye and slope it according to the angle you want.

Apply kajal eyeliner normally and pull off the tape once you are done. This creates a perfect mistake-proof eyeliner.

Tape those lids

These days stickers aren’t only glowing stars and cartoon figures.Thanks to innovative makeup creators we now have Eyeliner Stickers! These stickers come in a pack of 5 or 10. They are usually the same or different design. Pick your favourite, place it on your eyelid, apply a damp cloth to wet the sticker and there you have it. Freshly applied eyeliner and zero effort!


Stencil for the win

Running late? Or need a quick eyeliner for a last minute date? Stencils are the perfect solution for you. Stencils are reusable and extremely easy to handle.
Just place the stencil according to the instructions and start applying eyeliner or eyeshadow makeup in the given area. Once you remove the stencils you will be left with the perfect winged eyeliner.

Stencil for the win

Cleanup with earbud for perfect lines

If you’ve had enough practice to go freehand with the winged liner, we commend you. But beware of smudges and wipe aways. Make sure you have your earbuds handy.

Earbuds dipped in makeup remover act as perfect tools clean and create a perfect wing by wiping away the mistakes. This prevents you from having to wipe off your entire eyeliner.

Cleanup with earbuds


Concealer is usually used to cover up spots and dark circles on your face but it is also extremely helpful to cleanup and perfect your winged eyeliner.

Simply apply your eyeliner and grab a small and flat brush to apply the concealer. Swipe it right next to the eyeliner wing to create a clean and perfectionist look. You’re set to conquer the day!



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