How To Stay Safe When You Absolutely Have To Step Out Of The House During The Pandemic


COVID-19 or otherwise known as Coronavirus has crippled the entire world. Every country has gone into lockdown, with billions of people self-isolating at home as an effort to reduce the spread of this deadly virus. But even with the lockdown in place, we still need to leave our house to get essentials like groceries, medicines and other basic necessities. Even if you do step out of your house fully protected with a face mask and gloves, during these trying times it’s important to clean yourself thoroughly once you get home in order to avoid getting sick. The best way to minimize the exposure of coronavirus at home is to not only sanitize your hands regularly but to also disinfect your house. 

Here’s what you should do in order to keep yourself and your home clean and sanitized during this coronavirus outbreak.


Take A Shower

Just because your hands and mouth are covered, doesn't mean you are completely safe. The germs can come in contact with your clothes and skin as well hence it's crucial to wash your clothes and take a shower the moment you enter the house. During this outbreak, it’s beneficial to use a body cleanser that has more than 65% alcohol in order to kill any germs on your body and to help you stay clean and fresh. 

If water isn't available at that moment, you can always use WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels to clean and sanitize your face and body. Enriched with natural degerming ingredients, these cleansing towels kill 99% germs while keeping your skin super soft.


Clean Surfaces

High-touch surfaces like doorknobs, sinks, cabinet handles, refrigerator doors, remote controls, phones, and even laptops are loaded with germs. During this coronavirus pandemic, it’s important to clean these surfaces with WIPEOUT Sanitizing Wipes every day, regardless if you've stepped outside. If someone at home is sick, then you need to do this at least 3 or 4 times a day.


Sanitize Your Hands

Sanitizing your hands regularly is the best step you can take to avoid getting sick. Make sure to keep WIPEOUT Hand Sanitizer near you at all times, in order to avoid any illness-causing germs. Keep in mind that only sanitizers with a good amount of alcohol in it are effective in killing germs, so your fancy glittery hand sanitizer with just 10% alcohol might have to sit this pandemic out. 


Clean Your Car

If you’ve been using your car to do your shopping, it’s important to clean the car interiors as well with disinfectant wipes. If wipes are too small and time-consuming then you can opt for WIPEOUT Cleansing Towels. These multipurpose towels are not only useful in helping you kill any germs on your body if there’s a shortage of water but you can also use them to disinfect areas, especially in your car. Car door handles and controls, keys or start button, steering wheel, gear shift, seats, all buttons and knobs on your dash, anything touchscreen, and cup holders, these are hot-spots for germs so make sure to wipe them clean and sanitize them well.

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