10 Skin Brightening Serums That’ll Deal With Hyperpigmentation Once And For All

Skin Brightening Serums

There’s nothing that beats the feeling of having clear, glowing skin. Even if we’ve been diligent about our nighttime skincare routine. Wearing our SPF, and remembering to remove our makeup post-night out, sometimes it just happens that our skin longs to see better, brighter days. That’s when the best skin brightening serums come in handy. 

Yes, it’s time to coax your skin into living its best life courtesy of A+ brightening serums. The goal is to harness plump, dewy, all-around youthful-looking complexions. So without further ado, we’re listing down the absolute best brightening serums that offer infinite benefits. 

The Best Skin Brightening Serums For When Your Skin Looks Dull And Lackluster

Serums are the true MVP and the most hard-working beauty product of our skincare routine. Packed with a powerful punch of skincare actives, serums are miracle workers to give a brighter and tighter skin. So, we’re sharing the best skin brightening serums that have proven effective. 

Trust us, these juicy, coveted skin-firming concoctions are straight-up amazing and will take your beauty to the next level! 

MyGlamm 3% Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum

If like most of us, your complexion often looks a little dull, this is the best serum for skin brightening worth adding this serum to your skincare routine. This product has proved to be so popular. Thanks to budget-friendly price and unmatched glow-inducing abilities. This gem of a serum legit deserves a place in your shelfie due to its magic properties.

MyGlamm 1% Multi-Peptide Collagen Boosting Serum

This thirst-quenching collagen skin brightening serum makes it to our list of favourites. It’s light on the ingredient list and our wallets but super heavy in the hydration department. Plus, if you’re on the oilier side, or just hate the feel of heavy products on your skin, you’ll love how quickly this feathery light serum will sink in. And the results just keep getting better and better; expect to see healthier-looking skin in 4 weeks.

MyGlamm  1% Retinol Age-Defying Serum

Not only is this formula affordable, but it also brings forth results fast, like, really fast. This powerful punch of ingredients is so incredibly hydrating, so expect to see an instant improvement as your skin gets some serious moisture hit. Body cupid has managed to combine the 4 power-house including vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to create a product that offers infinite skin benefits.

MyGlamm 15% Vitamin C Brightening Serum

You don’t need to switch up your entire skincare regimen to get radiant, youthful-looking skin. Enter this best brightening face serum that offers extra skin-brightening benefits without bleeding your bank account. It will not only face away scars but also help in minimizing enlarged pores. MyGlamm has managed to combine the 4 power-house including vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to create a product that offers infinite skin benefits.

MyGlamm 10% Niacinamide Clarifying Serum

This niacinamide serum is truly a star. If you’re looking for the best brightening serum that goes the extra mile to fight dullness, dark spots, and inflammation - this is the one to call on. The 10% niacinamide serum has a lightweight texture that instantly soaks into the skin and leaves your face dewier, brighter, and plumper. For when you are hungover, haven’t slept, or just feel stressed AF and your skin is paying the price, try this multitasking niacinamide serum. Wins all-around!

Organic Vitamin B Serum

Organic Vitamin B Serum

If you’re after a brighter complexion, beloved skincare brand Organic Harvest has your back. The innovative formula spinach extracts and niacinamide mimic the brightening effects of a salon-level facial, and it's a favourite among the skin-blessed beauty community of Instagram. 

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Organic Vitamin A Serum

Get your beauty sleep with Organic Harvest’s Vitamin A Face Serum. The overnight serum boasts an active retinoid complex, calming aloe vera, and skin-loving plant extracts - to work on your skin while you snooze. 

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365 PM Skin Firming Serum

Fun fact: My fellow skincare lovers swear by this uber-brightening face serum from St. Botanica. Quite simply put, your skin will never be able to shine bright like a diamond if you have not used this skincare gem. Loaded with glow-inducing ingredients. It’ll let your skin unleash its max potential. 

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Vitamin C 20%, E & Hyaluronic Acid 24K Gold Night Face Serum

Vitamin C 20%, E & Hyaluronic Acid 24K Gold Night Face Serum

Say hello to perhaps the most amazing botter of skin magic ever created. Yes, we realize that sounds a bit dramatic, but honestly, this is one of the best face brightening serums we have come across thus far. Rich in skin-enhancing ingredients, it’ll leave you with the glass skin of your dreams.

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Vitamin C 10%, E & Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Under-Eye Serum

Vitamin C 10%, E & Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Under-Eye Serum

Another coined hero, this is the best brightening serum that’s infused with vitamin E, C, and hyaluronic acid that pulls in moisture to help rehydrate the skin, further reducing the appearance of fine lines. Bonus points for the featherlight feel and fast-acting effects. Thanks to caffeine in the formulation, you may start to see results in just 1 week. 

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Q - Does skin brightening serum work?

Yes, skin brightening serums improve skin health, give an even skin tone, and leave your skin looking young and glowing. 

Q - How can I brighten my skin?

There are many ways to brighten skin such as with the use of skin brightening serums, taking an overall effective diet, and following some good home remedies. Also, make sure to take plenty of sleep and follow a proper skincare routine.

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