Signs you and your BFF are makeup junkies


There is no better bonding than two people who share love (or hatred) for a certain thing. If you are obsessed with makeup like we are, chances are half of what you earn is spent on lipsticks, eyeliner, foundation, concealer and what not, without an ounce of regret. And why not, after all makeup is life. Nobody will understand this better than that friend of yours who is always your partner-in-crime. He/She shares your makeup obsession, helps pick the best shades for your skin tone and totally justifies you getting ONE MORE LIPSTICK. And you do the same in return. Life is always better with that friend and makeup. If you agree, then scroll through the gallery to see if you and your bestie are true blue makeup junkies.

You always help each other out with makeup

You watch a lot of Insta makeup tutorial vids

And are not afraid to try out new makeup trends

You don’t step out of the house unless your makeup is on point

You can do your makeup anywhere

You dont mind wearing makeup to the gym

You love being extra with your makeup

You are always DMing each other makeup looks

You alert each other about Sales and offers

And together you shop till you drop

This is how you react when somebody says you have too much makeup

Article by: Richa Ranjan


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