Should you be sanitizing your makeup even more now?


The coronavirus outbreak has forced many employees to work from home. Work from home means no more getting all dressed up, looking your best each day and of course, no more makeup, which might not be a major concern for some but for others it’s a major change in their lifestyle. Makeup or no makeup, that’s completely up to taking good care of it and keeping it is something we all need to practice.

Can COVID-19 Live on Your Beauty Products?

We’re still not clear on exactly how long the virus remains active outside the body. Studies have reported movement anywhere from two hours to nine days depending on the surface. Even though we’re at home and following social distancing religiously it is recommended that you proceed with your regular scheduled beauty regimen more cautiously than before, as the exact longevity of COVID-19 has not been tested in beauty products. If you contract the coronavirus by any chance, refrain from using any products, and definitely avoid sharing them with other people.

As far as disinfecting the products are concerned, remember that, it's only the outer packaging of the product that can be disinfected using an alcohol-based cleansing wipe or towel. The product on the inside cannot be disinfected therefore, therefore, you need to be sure you’ve not contracted the virus from anywhere before you use the product. If you show no signs or symptoms, there’s no harm, you may continue using your beauty products without worrying much. A recent study reassured us all saying that any product at risk can become safe again only if left untouched for several days. It also stated that detergents and other products with high alcohol content, such as cleansers and toners, render the virus inactive. But since creams are mostly formulated with less or no alcohol content, they could be more vulnerable to contamination.

Don’t Overlook Sanitizing Your Beauty Tools

We don't wish to take taking any risks, right? Washing your makeup brushes and sponges regularly is obligatory. Also, you need to stop double-dipping applicators into your makeup after it has touched your skin. Last but, not the least you need to wipe down your makeup bag with a sanitizing wipe because if you’re going to place your sanitized beauty products in a pouch that’s contaminated, you’re back to square one.

Long story short, if wearing makeup makes work from home more enjoyable and helps kill time faster, continue to do so but just be aware of who (if at all anyone) has been in your makeup bag and sanitize your products accordingly.

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