Say It With Ombre Eyes


For an eye catching, head swiveling look, your best or rather bold bet would be ombré eyes. Intimidating to begin with, the technique ought to come with its own disclaimer ‘Patience in Abundance’, because that’s what it requires but if done right it’s a scorcher and totally worth the effort. Here’s what it entails...

Get shady
This turns a traditional smokey eye over on its head as you have to put the lighter-toned eyeshadow on the inner half of the lid and crease and a darker shade on the outer half. Using a lighter shade on the inner corners of the lids makes your eyes pop.

Skip the eyeliner
We are glad we get to put down the eyeliner for this one because it means you can spend more time perfecting the blend of the colours than fretting about getting that flick right. Also, a slash of black over the bold colours would be an overkill. Use your mascara instead on both your upper and lower lashes to amplify volume and lengthen.

Set your base
First the primer, then concealer and finally the colour – memorise and internalise.
The primer is important because it will hold the colour in place through the night.
The concealer, because it hides discolouration, giving you an even base to apply the colour.

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Pick shades carefully
If you think the shades might be tricky to pull off – leave it. It’s best and safest to stick to colours in the same family. Once you’re confident that you’ve got your technique down to pat you can start to play with bolder, contrasting colours.

Smudge the bottom
To add further oomph, smudge out your liner on the lower lashline. If you don’t have an angled brush, just do it with a Q-tip.

Pick a shape
To show off a look that’s equal parts alluring and clean stick to a shape. You can create an angle towards your brow bone or maintain a rounded shape, it’s up to you but sticking to a shape will keep your application clean. To create an angle you can stick two pieces of tape.

Blend, blend
No matter which area of your face you’re applying makeup to, the better you blend the better your makeup looks. When creating an ombré look, it goes without saying that you can’t skimp on the elbow grease.

Check out our YouTube video to try another equally interesing trend- the Ombré lips.


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