Rock These Hairstyles With Aplomb Throughout Summer

Summers are the best time to experiment with your hair. From quirky ponytails to cute braids, here are the top best hairstyles that you can flaunt with elan, this summer:

1. Half up Ponytail

On days when you wish to give your boring ponytail a perky twist, half-up ponytail is the way to go. To achieve this hairstyle, section off all the hair from your ears up and gather it into a high ponytail. Tie it with an elastic & wrap a sliver of your hair around the hair tie to conceal it. Loosely wave the rest of your hair with a curling iron.


Half-up Ponytail


2. Messy Side Plait

A messy side braid makes for a perfect brunch look in summers. To enhance the hairstyle, leave out a few face-framing pieces and then let the braid flow over one of your shoulders. Ditch the hair tie for a rather cool colorful ribbon bow.


Messy Side Plait


3. Super Snatched Ponytail

Super tight ponytails are no more a thing of the past. They’ve made a comeback and how! Super sleek ponytails not only scream elegance but also, are very easy to nail. To recreate this hairstyle, brush your hair up to the crown of your head using a boar bristle brush to help smoothen out any bumps & secure the ponytail with an elastic. Lastly, cover the hair tie with a sliver of hair from underneath the pony and run a flat iron over the tail to complete your sleek look.


Super Snatched Ponytail


4. Coiled Top-Knot

Because top-knots are too mainstream, coiled top-knot is the newest cool way of tying your hair in a tight bun. All you need to do is twist the tail of a high pony into a coil and wrap it around itself to create a neater effect. Secure it with pins wherever required.


Coiled Top-Knot


5. Sleek, Low Ponytail

A sleek, low back ponytail is all things classy. It can complement your jazzy ensembles perfectly well. For sleek strands, smooth a lightweight oil all over your hair from root to ends to hide any flyaways. This way, you will also add that extra shine to your hair.


Sleek, Low Ponytail


6. Loose, Crimped Waves

You can achieve loose, crimped waves with the help of a flat iron. Alternate a flat iron forward and backward, that is, hold the iron, and then point your palm down and then up to create these soft waves.


Loose, Crimped Waves




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