Road Trip Essentials

Summer is almost coming to an end. We’re sure you all are planning that last vacation before your kids resume school and before the rain gods drown us in the Mumbai floods. Here are some beauty products you need to pack before you head off for a pre-monsoon vacation!

Face mist- Brighten tired-looking skin with a hydrating face mist.

Roll on fragrance- It’s cumbersome to carry perfume bottles. Switch to a roll on version of your favourite perfume so that you smell great even on the road.


Dry shampoo- Road trips can often get hectic and leave no time for you to wash your hair. Dry shampoo is your saviour- it will combat greasiness and keep your hair looking clean.


Face wipes- These are the number one multipurpose products. They can be used for anything ranging from cleaning the dust from your face to removing your makeup in a jiffy.


Sunscreen- Being outdoors all day exposes you to the sun’s harmful rays, making SPF a must.


Hydrating lip balm- Changes in environment and weather can dry out your lips. Keep some lip balm handy to ensure they stay hydrated.


Hand sanitizer- Do you really need an explanation for this?


Travel manicure kit- Consisting of a mini nail file, nail cutter and nail scissors, this small kit is easy to carry and will ensure that your nails look groomed wherever you are.


Lip stain- If you’re travelling light, it’s best to stick to one or two makeup essentials. A lip stain lasts longer than a lipstick and also gives a light, natural colour that is so vacation appropriate.


Mascara- Another must-have makeup essential. Just make sure you carry a waterproof version if you’re expecting bad weather.







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