Rice Water For Hair: Rice Water Is Great For The Hair And Even Kim K Says So!

rice water for hair

Rice water for hair is one of the best shine-boosting treatments ever. Rice water has been popularly used in beauty treatments especially in Asia since ancient times. Ancient Japanese dynasties would use rice water from head to toe to tend to their beauty needs. Rice water is especially great for the hair as it has hidden benefits you may not have known about. Here’s a lowdown on using rice water for hair care.

Rice Water Benefits for Hair

Rice water benefits for hair

The benefits of rice water for hair are too good to pass up. Here are some benefits it can offer you that you’re surely going to love.


Adds Shine

Adds Shine


Rice water is loaded with vitamins E and B and is rich in amino acids. One of the qualities of rice water for hair is it makes hair silky smooth and shiny after using this starchy water for treatment.





Another benefit of rice water for hair is it can offer easy detangling as it makes hair soft and smooth. Owing to its moisturising properties, it makes detangling the hair super easy and it prevents breakage as well.


Promotes Hair Growth

Promotes Hair Growth


The vitamin and mineral content of this natural ingredient makes rice water for hair growth the best thing ever. It also improves the hair density of your mane. It strengthens the hair and prevents breakage and it also strengthens the hair follicles so that there is no hair loss.

How To Use Rice Water for Hair?

Rice water for hair can be used in many ways. Here are a few options you can try out.


Hair Rinse 

You can extract rice water by soaking rice in water for a few hours until the water gets starchy. Pour this starchy rice water over your locks after using shampoo and conditioner while in the shower. Let the rice water for hair sit for a minute and then rinse it out with water.


Rice Infused Haircare

If making a DIY hair rinse with rice water is not your thing, you can try OTC shampoos and conditioners that are infused with rice water to care for your locks.

How Can One Incorporate Rice Water In Their Hair Care Routine?

Rice water for hair can be used daily without any worries. You can keep a natural rice water solution stored in an airtight jar in the fridge so that you can use it as a hair rinse whenever you wash your hair. You can also use shampoos, conditioners, and hair oils made of rice water on a daily basis to treat your locks with some TLC.

Rice water for hair recipe

You can follow the below steps for making rice water for hair growth & health.



  • Uncooked rice

  • Water



  • The first step is to use ½ cup of uncooked rice & rinse them well.

  • Put this into a bowl and add 3 cups of water to it.

  • Next, soak it for more than 30 minutes.

  • Strain the rice water mixture into a new bowl, jar or spray bottle.


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It’s no denying that rice water for hair is one of the best natural home remedies ever. Try it out for yourself and watch how your locks transform.

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So now that you know the magical benefits of rice water for hair, the recipe, & how to use it, we hope you try this super soon!


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