10 Republic Day Nail Art Ideas You Need To Bookmark RN!


Republic Day 2022 is just around the corner, and we have figured out an exciting way to celebrate it! While the days of school flag hoisting and parade assemblies are a thing of the past for us grown-ups, it doesn’t mean that we can’t come up with creative ways to celebrate this prestigious day in a patriotic way! Enter - Republic Day nail art. Yup, it’s that easy. So grab onto all your saffron, green, white and indigo coloured nail products and paints, and get ready to try your hand at these Indian flag inspired nail arts for Republic Day. 

Nail Art For Republic Day

Dapper Dots


This dotted Republic Day nail art is a simple yet uber-cute way of celebrating Republic Day. To do this at home, just paint a couple of orange dots on the base of your nail, green dots on the tip, and indigo dots in the middle.

Abstract Art FTW


This abstract nail art for Republic Day can be a great conversation starter. Yes, it is that amazing! Complete with silver and white accents in your usual tricolour theme, this abstract nail art includes at least 3 nail art designs in one!

The Tricolour Train


If you want to go for a simple tricolour nail art, make it exciting with this roughed up pattern. To do so, take a stiff nail art brush or one with long, loose bristles, and paint your tricolours in place with a criss cross motion. 

Pull String Nails


Remember when we did pull string art in school? This is just that, but for the nails! This Indian flag nail art scores extra cool points for its clean design, and a standout feature on the ring fingernail. 

Half ‘n Half


Nope, we’re not talking about coffee! This half ‘n half nail art is the perfect option for you if you want inspo for Republic Day nail art at home. It distributes the orange part of the Indian flag on two fingernails, while the green part of the flag on the other two. The blue in the middle takes a small space in the form of cute dots in the 2 middle fingers. 

Sassy Swirlies


If you’re a Pinterest girl, you’d appreciate this Republic Day nail art for sure. Swirl nail art patterns are still trending, and this is a great way to mix trends with your celebration of our nation’s Republic Day! It includes two different shades of orange, and two different shades of green to signify the Indian flag in an unconventional form. 



Speaking of unconventional Indian flag nail arts, this glittered mani is a must-try! It features a combination of orange and green in a very classy pattern of glossy nails and glitter coats. 

Fancy Florals


This nail art for Republic Day is a suitable match for all our girly girls out there who love everything floral. This nail art design is a great way of including the Indian flag’s colours in a cute, and aesthetic way. This nail art not only features an extremely simple floral DIY pattern but also coloured tips that just steals the show.

Plain Jane


This one is for our plain Janes who like to keep it simple and subtle. This DIY Republic Day nail art is super easy and doesn’t require expert level precision either. Just grab onto the Indian flag inspired colours you want to include in your nail art and create simple diagonal designs on a couple of your nails. You could also do the same for all your nails. 

Angelic Accents


This Republic Day nail art is just angelic, and we cannot stop ourselves from trying it! It includes a mix of both the colours on alternate nails, while it’s a glitter party on the rest! If you’re trying this nail art for Republic Day at home, you can switch it up and mix glitter shades on a single fingernail for an extra dose of pizzazz! 

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From glitter Republic day nail art to simple glossy nails, this list of nail art for Republic day is sure to keep your manicure need for the month in check. Which one is your favourite? 

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