Quick fixes: Getting rid of acne

It’s the day you’re attending your best friend’s wedding or the night you’re going out on a date, you wake up in the morning, disaster strikes and all you can see is that giant pimple on your cheek. Kudos to you if you can step out in style regardless of your skin misbehaving, but for most of us this is a total beauty emergency.

What to do? MyGlamm has some tips for you-

Use toothpaste- This may sound funny, but putting some toothpaste on your zit and leaving it overnight helps dry it out. Warning: If you have sensitive skin, this DIY is not for you.


Green tea- Yes, drinking green tea can be good for your skin but you can also pat a damp green tea bag on your acne for a quick overnight fix.

green tea

Tea tree oil- This is the holy grail of acne treatments. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with water and dab it onto your skin with a cotton ball to sooth and suppress that angry red zit.


Okay we get it, you don’t have time. Don’t worry, we’ve got some makeup tricks to cover you up.

Start with cleansed skin- Clean, well moisturized skin goes a long way in making your makeup last.


Use an oil free primer- This will absorb the oiliness and give you smooth skin.


Colour correcting concealer- A green colour correcting concealer will cancel out the redness of that zit without requiring you to cake on the makeup.


Avoid shimmer- Shimmery products will only make your skin look more greasy. Matte bronzers and blushes are the way to go for a healthy glow.

Keep a few sheets of blotting paper with you at all times to help keep your makeup intact and save your skin from that dreaded oily look we hate.

If you ever get a pimple again, no need to fret. Use our quick fixes to make it disappear.

Or you could get some professional help by downloading the MyGlamm app at www.myglamm.com/app for an appointment with one of our fabulous makeup artists or skin therapists.



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