Quick Fixes: 6 ways to tame frizzy hair

It’s the classic case of Murphy’s law- you’ll have perfectly silky hair the day you’re chilling at home in your pyjamas, but the one day you have to go out, your hair will be as unruly as a child throwing a tantrum in the toy store. How do you tame that mane?

Use hairspray- Spray some hairspray on your hairbrush and then brush your hair to hold down flyaway hair.


Apply oil on wet hair- The oil acts as a barrier and prevents humidity from getting to your hair, leaving it silky as it dries.

hair oil

Use body lotion- Rub a little body lotion on your hair to lose the frizz. This works especially well if you need to smoothen the back of a puffed up ponytail. Just rub body lotion onto your hands and run them down the length of the ponytail. Don’t do this on a regular basis, the body lotion can leave unwanted residue on your scalp.

body lotion

Keep some bobby pins handy- Bobby pins can help hold up the frizzy underside of an up-do or a ponytail.

bobby pins

Rinse your hair with conditioner- This cleans your hair without drying it out. However, if you have fine or oily hair, it’s best to skip this step as the conditioner can weigh your hair down. This is done only to smoothen out your hair- do not use conditioner as a replacement for shampoo!


Make top knots your best friend- Top knots are the best hairstyle for bad hair days. Not only are they easy to put together when you’re in a hurry, the frizzy hair actually adds to the messy-chic look.

top knot

Bad hair days aren’t going anywhere but with these tricks up your sleeve and the right products in your arsenal, combatting them is easy. What’s your go-to solution for a bad hair day?

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