Quarantine Makeup Looks To Try For Your Virtual Date


With lockdown 4.0 in place, we're all starting to become accustomed to quarantine life. Zoom calls have replaced Friday night outs, giving way to virtual meetings, photoshoots and parties. In sync with it all, the dating scene has also adapted to this new way of life. A virtual date might seem like a low-key affair but when it comes to dressing up to the nines, we aren't holding back, makeup included! 

If you have been browsing vigorously for the best makeup looks for that online meetup, we have a few picked out. Whether it's for a special first date or a video call with your long-distance partner, these makeup looks are all you need for a quick update. 

Crushin’ On Sunsets

With summer here in full swing, warm hues like peaches, pinks, and yellows are having a major moment. Glossy pink lips matched with yellow or pink eyeshadow are ideal for a virtual date on your terrace or in the backyard. And since you're quarantined at home, you could opt for your virtual date to start at the golden hour, the soft sunlight working in your favour to exude an ethereal look. 

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Making Way For Nude Makeup

Want to keep it subtle with your makeup look? Opt for nude or powdered pink shades. A nude lipstick along with a hint of blush and highlighter will leave you looking gorgeous during your virtual brunch date. If you have some time on your hands, experiment a bit and add a little glitz to your natural makeup look by trying on different lip glosses or even glittery eyeshadow shades

Dare To Wear White

The best thing about quarantine virtual dates is the amount of experimenting you get to do with your makeup. If you’ve always wanted to try the white eyeliner trend, now is the time to do it. The white-winged liner is all about putting a new twist to the classic cat-eye. Ditch your black eyeliner and opt for the white one for a fresh, new look.

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Red Romance

Red is a classic that never goes out of fashion and this look is testimony to its undying appeal. Let your daring side shine through the screen as you make way for a bold matte red lip. You could also go bare face for the rest of your makeup or add a bit of eyeliner to the mix. Either way, the red lipstick will bring out your bold look on the screen. 

Shades Of Blue

Blue eyeshadow has been in vogue for a long time now. If you’re someone who is fun and daring and wants to make sure your personality is highlighted through the screen, don't hesitate to put on an electric blue eyeshadow, taking your time to perfectly smudge and make this makeup look work. 

Brow Game Strong

Whether in person or via a video call, your brows will always be the focus of attention. Though you haven’t been able to go to the salon for a while, you can easily shape your brows at home, pulling off an effortless look for your virtual date. 

Go on, try out your favourite look for that approaching date!

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