Priyanka Chopra’s Cute Valentine’s Day Nail Art is #Goals


Priyanka Chopra is no stranger when it comes to making a statement with her fashion and beauty choices. She’s always giving people something to talk about with her style and now she’s adding nail art to the list. Seems like this year she’s determined to let her nails do all the talking. Just last month, the actress paid tribute to basketball legend Kobe by writing the number 24 on her manicured nails right before the Grammy’s and now she’s embracing this month of love with Valentine’s Day themed nail art.

This year, Priyanka Chopra will be celebrating her second Valentine’s Day with husband Nick Jonas, so obviously she needs everything to be perfect including her nail art. Her manicurist Pattie Yankee created this special manicure just for Valentine’s Day. And if you’re a Priyanka Chopra fan then we’ve got some great news! You too can create this nail art all by yourself. Pattie Yankee added a new twist to the basic manicure by painting a white heart at the tip of Priyanka Chopra’s nail while keeping the base nude. Tiny red hearts in the opposite direction was the finishing touch to this nail art.

Want to create this look? Well first off, you need to shape your nails into a pointed almond shape.

Next, apply a base colour. You can opt for a nude shade just like Priyanka Chopra or even go for a light pastel pink colour.

Once you’re done, use your white nail paint and create 2 teardrops to resemble a heart at the tip and fill it in.

If you’re a nail art newbie then you might find this part a bit difficult but don’t worry it is doable. Choose a bright colour and paint the tiny hearts right in the centre. There are many nail art tools that will help make this process easier but if you have none, a pin or toothpick will also suffice or you could just opt for nail art stickers.

But Priyanka Chopra’s Valentine’s Day themed nail art isn’t the only option out there. No matter your relationship status, we’ve complied 4 other love-themed nail art designs which you could totally nail (pun intended) at home.

Simple & Glam

You don’t need something dramatic to get people’s attention. A simple base shade and a heart drawn on the centre in a different colour can also leave you with on-point nails.

PC: @selfish_london


If you’re a nail addict then this one is for you. Get into the Valentine’s Day spirit by painting your digits with XOXO and tiny lips.

PC: @rebel.heart.nails

Goth Love

Not a fan of red? Don’t worry, we’ve got a nail art design you’ll love. All black with outlined hearts, these Insta nails are perfect for your goth soul.

PC: @thehangedit

Red Lovin'

No time to draw on hearts but still want Valentine’s Day themed nails, well this is perfect for you. Just coat your nails with shimmery red nail paint and add a line of jewels on the inside of your nails.

PC: @mrprettynails

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