Pre & Post Massage Instructions

We usually tend to skip pre and post service instructions and directly jump onto enjoying the service. Though that is the main purpose, following these rituals will help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Each time you call a masseuse home to rejuvenate yourself, keep the following pre and post service instructions in mind. And see the difference it makes to your everyday routine.

Pre-Massage Instructions:

-Avoid eating or drinking anything too heavy as this helps to be fully hydrated.
-Make sure you’re having a relaxed day or else you won’t be able to enjoy the pampering session thoroughly. Therefore, book for a massage service when you don’t have a choc-a-block day.
-Before starting the session, let your masseuse know about your needs. In case of any discomfort during the service, report it to your therapist immediately. Feel free to give your masseuse feedback on the amount of pressure or speed of movement so you can enjoy a fuss-free and relaxing hour of pampering.
-Comfort clothing is must while getting a massage. Going to a parlour for a massage can get super uncomfortable. Therefore, get your service done at home where you are at your comfiest best. Also, loose clothing makes for the legit option so that the therapist can easily move and work on your body.

Post-massage Instructions:

-Once the massage session ends, you may at times tend to feel dizzy or lightheaded. In that case, we suggest get off the bed slowly.
-It’s very important to drink water right after your massage and continue throughout the day.
-A full body massage releases toxins that need to be flushed out post your massage session.
-If you feel sore post your massage, rub ice on the area of discomfort. This will immediately soothe your skin, leaving you refreshed.

To book a full body massage, simply dial 1800-103-1516 or download our app here.



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