Powder Magic Powder Eyeshadow Stick & Liner

Eyeshadows are a fun way to dress up the eyes. It’s actually nothing new, history indicates that people from the ancient time used coloured powders and ven bug blodd to impart colour to their lids in order to look more alluring. Egyptian royalties used soot, powdered coal, burnt almond ash, oxidised copper etc. as pigments to decorate their eyes. Eyeshadows have stood the test of time and have a come a long way to accentuate one’s eyes. Today, eyeshadows are available in every possible colour and in easy to use formulas like powder and cream.

Powder eyeshadow has clearly been ruling the roost because of their ease of use and versatility. The biggest advantage of powder eyeshadow is the choice of colours they come in. You can go crazy on colours with powder eyeshadow as they come in all shades imaginable. The colours can range from sheer to medium and deeply pigmented and they are mostly buildable. You can use powder eyeshadow as eyeliner or even as blush. Smoky eye is best created with powder eyeshadow as they can be blended with other colours conveniently. Powder eyeshadow allows to blend and layer different colours and hence help you create trendy looks alike ombre eyes, bright eye makeup and multi-coloured eye makeup with ease. The product, however, comes with its share of problems; the powder consistency /texture tends to clump up the dry areas of the skin, and that’s why moisturising and/or priming is required. In addition, the powder, if not blended well, might settle into crease and cracks of mature skin and end up exaggerating wrinkles or any lines. It is best to wear powder eyeshadow on moisturised and primed lids to aid in longevity of wear.

These days powder eyeshadows come in pencil form which makes them quite user friendly. It helps in precise placement of colours and even in eye contouring. MyGlamm’s Powder Magic Eyeshadow Stick is an innovative pressed powder eyeshadow that comes in a jumbo pencil form. It’s probably the easiest eyeshadow to apply, just swipe it on your lids and you are done. Yes, Powder Magic Eyeshadow Stick does not require brushes and is quite handy on the go and for people who are not that skilled with the brushes.

This innovative powder shadow comes in four gorgeous hues, namely:

AQUAMARINE- Aquamarine is a sparkling aqua green

GOLDMINE- Goldmine is a champagne gold shimmer

SMOKY QUARTZ- Smoky Quartz is a deep golden brown

AMETHYST Amethyst is a modern lavender with shimmer

All these shades are trendy, super-pigmented and allow you to create dramatic or natural eyeshadow looks with ease and precision. Just sweep the tip across your lids, under the lash line and get that sultry and smouldering look instantly. The shadows add depth and dimension to your eyes in seconds and are truly long-lasting. The Powder Magic Eyeshadow Stick is dermatologically & ophthalmologically tested & approved and is suitable for everyone, even those with sensitive eyes.

So go ahead, take your eye makeup game to the next level with these amazing eyeshadow sticks that are super cute and surprisingly easy to use.

Watch and learn how to use The Powder Magic Eyeshadow Stick & Liner:


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