You’re Just A Couple Of Steps Away From Achieving K-Beauty’s Porcelain Skin

Porcelain Skin

If you’re thinking here goes another attempt at experimenting with an eight-step routine and failing, don’t worry. While most of us envy how glass-like and porcelain-ish some of our favourite A-listers’ faces look, the answer isn’t always botox or surgery. Sometimes, it’s just keeping a couple of tips in mind — and really committing to them. Here’s what you need to know about porcelain skin and how to get it!


  1. What Is Porcelain Skin?


What is porcelain skin anyway? Porcelain doesn’t always imply that someone has a light skin-tone. Not everyone with a lighter skin-toned has blemish-free, crease-free skin. You won’t spot breakouts or scars on their face at all. It’s more about the texture and tone of their skin than the colour. But what is porcelain skin tone? While those with paler or lighter skin-tones have more yellow-ish, warm undertones, someone with a doll-like complexion might have pink-er undertones naturally — think of light rose-flushed cheeks as a hallmark. You might even spot veins on the face considering how see-through their skin is. But how to get porcelain skin?


  1. How To Get Porcelain Skin


How to get porcelain skin naturally? Is it possible anyway? You can definitely improve your skin’s appearance by keeping a couple of these tips in mind along with a line-up of skincare products that’ll do the magic. 


  1. Sunproof Your Skin

 Sunscreen for porcelain skin


Remember that sun-induced damage can manifest as spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation on and around the face amongst other things. You must ritualise the application of sunscreen before stepping out — regardless of the weather or season. Make sure you’re choosing a broad-spectrum sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or more. Reapply every two hours. 


POPxo H2O Booster Sunscreen Gel

If you’re on the lookout for something cooling as well as lightweight, invest in a gel-like formula. The POPxo H2O Booster Sunscreen Gel is a water-based sunscreen that delivers instant pumps of hydration to your skin — owing to its composition of the ever-moisturising Hyaluronic Acid. It’s endowed with ultra-blending, ultra-glazing abilities that don’t leave any grease or stickiness behind. This one has an SPF of 30 as well as a PA+++ rating.


  1. Invest In Products That Suit Your Skin Type Only


best skincare products for porcelain skin

Always identify your skin-type before building a routine for yourself. Imagine investing in a cream-based, hydrating cleanser for oil-prone skin. That doesn’t add up. If your skin is dry and dull, consider opting for a glycerin, ceramides, or Hyaluronic Acid-based formula — and for oily, acne-prone skin, something with Salicylic Acid can go a long way in treating breakouts and scars. Choose ingredients carefully. 


  1. Drink Lots Of Water


Hydration is key — always. Dehydration doesn’t just harm your overall health. It manifests as dullness and shrivelled-up skin. Your water-intake can boost the thickness of your skin and deeply hydrate the face from within as per studies — making your face look glowy and smooth over time. 


  1. Indulge In Sheet Masks


These masks are essentially skin-loving cocktails that rejuvenate and boost your skin’s health and appearance within minutes. Indulge in them once a week and notice how they reinstate your glow. You can also indulge in DIY face masks from time to time.


Use: MyGlamm K.PLAY Mandarin Brightening Sheet Mask

This glow-inducing mask dispatches shots of thirst-quenching ingredients into your skin to repair, nourish, and soothe. It’s composed of mandarins that brighten and moisturise instantly along with the ultra-hydrating white truffle. You’ve got to get this ASAP. 


  1. Don’t Sleep Without Removing Your Makeup

How to get porcelain skin

You must remove your makeup before tucking into bed. Remember that sleeping with layers of foundation and concealer can and will clog your pores. All that effort to treat your flare-ups and breakouts? Down the drain. Use a gentle, hydrating cleanser to eliminate any residue before sleeping. 


MyGlamm Youthfull Hydrating Foam Cleanser With Water Bank Technology

This pH-balanced cleanser is your run-off-the-mill product. It’s endowed with a cream-textured decadence that lathers into deep-cleansing bubbles that exfoliate your skin too. This enables the cleanser to strip your skin of impurities and build-up just that much more effectively. Don’t worry about it drying out your skin. It’s also ultra-hydrating. Yup. Talk about versatility.

  1. Go Easy On The Makeup


how to get porcelain skin with makeup

Heavy-duty makeup can truly wreak havoc on your skin. You’re not giving your skin a chance to breathe — which can manifest as wrinkles, breakouts, acne, and inflammation on the face. Try paring back as much as you can. Use lightweight, light-coverage foundations and concealers instead of really heavy ones, and try looking for products infused with the benefits of skincare. 

Makeup Tips For Porcelain Skin


  • Dabble in shades of nude for the lips. Remember that minimalism is key to acing the aesthetic. 

  • Try looking for cream-based formulas for your base — from your foundation to your concealer. A cream-like consistency blends into your skin much more seamlessly. 

  • Invest in skincare-infused products that nourish and moisturise apart from enhancing your features. You can try mixing your foundations and concealers with serums and moisturisers in case they’re not inherently skincare-infused.

  • SPF-infused products will protect your skin from U.V-induced damage — no wrinkles or sunspots in the long-term. A blemish-free canvas is the hallmark of this complexion. 

  • Choose a blusher that’s not too poppy and vibrant. Opt for soft pinks instead of pastels, and make sure you’re building on the product instead of cramming your cheeks with colour. 

  • Trade in the powder-based highlighter for a cream-based one. The latter blends into your skin easily for a natural-looking glow. 

  • Skip the bold, loud eyeshadows. Remember to use less product. A light-handed flick of colour pops against your skin because of how light it is. Avoid greys, browns, and blacks in general. 

  • Metallic hues will flatter your eyes more. Try looking for a cream-based one while you’re at it. 

  • Use a cool-toned bronzer instead of warm-toned one. You don’t want your skin looking orange at all. 


Now that you have all the tips and tricks right in front of you, make sure you’re being consistent with your routine. Patience is key to achieving a glass-like complexion. 




  1. What colour is porcelain foundation?


Porcelain is a light pink-beigeish colour. Remember to look for a foundation that matches your undertone. A yellow, warm-toned foundation will not flatter someone with cooler, pink-ish undertones. 


  1. Is my skin ivory or porcelain?


While ivory has more yellow-ish undertones, porcelain has pink-ish, cooler undertones. Though ivory and porcelain are mostly seen in those with lighter skin-tones, the undertones matter. Out of the three main light skin-tones, porcelain is the lightest shade while ivory is the darkest.

  1. What is the difference between porcelain and light skin?


Porcelain has more pink than yellow undertones. Someone with a light skin-tone might not necessarily have pink-ish undertones. They might have more yellow than pink. 


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