Makeup Hoarders, These 5 Apps Will Help You Find The Perfect Foundation Shade Online

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Whether you’re a lover of an Insta-worthy matte finish or a luminous, dewy look, finding the perfect base on the internet is always tricky. This is especially true for those of us with skin tones that are mostly in-between and have to use a blend of two shades to achieve a perfect match. Buying base products online has mostly been an ordeal but not anymore. 

The great thing is that in 2021 numerous apps are taking the beauty tech game to a whole new level of awesomeness. So, if you do want to shop online, we’re listing down some websites that can help you pick the ideal foundation shade for you.

These Tools And Apps Will Help Your Find Your True Foundation Match




If you can’t visit a cosmetic store but are looking to add a new foundation to your beauty arsenal. We’ve just the app for you! The cult-loved findation app helps find the perfect match by knowing the closest foundation shade you’ve used so far and will curate a list of shades that will go perfectly with your skin tone. 

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Temptalia Foundation Matrix

Don’t have a good shade match yet? We’ve got your back as we scoured the length of the internet to find one of the best apps to find your best match. This app uses your existing foundation to match the shade for you. However, if you don’t have a match currently, it will scout it with the help of a skin tone-based questionnaire. It also provides the best matches across types of formulas.

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Sephora Foundation Shade Finder

Unlike the other apps that use a smartphone’s camera to get an exact read of your skin’s tone, Sephora foundation shade finder shade uses a curated quiz to help you find the perfect match. The best bits? From finding fragrances to customizing products based on your hair type – the app does it all!

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Take a selfie and find your perfect shade.

This app helps scout the best foundation shade along with the right shade of concealer, blusher, bronzer, and powder. All you need to do is: take a selfie in natural daylight, upload it on the app and know your shade from wherever you are.

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Get Mime Foundation Finder


This app will ask you a few questions related to your go-to shade, skin undertone, and formulas you love, and then showcase the ones that correspond with your exact skin colour based on your selfie. Yes, it’s pretty freaking cool. You can either use your live camera or upload an old selfie to find your true match. For best results, upload a bare-faced selfie that’s taken in a well-lit area. 

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Match My Makeup


This app takes the beauty tech to the next level as it helps find a scientifically accurate match to your other foundations. They don’t rely on inconsistent crowd-sourced data, instead, they use technology to deliver the accurate shade matches that you can trust. Never thought that tech could help us discover our precise makeup color match.

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We hope you find the one for you!

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