Perfect Curves 2 in 1 Chubby Matte Lipstick

MyGlamm presents an expertly curated collection of creamy matte lipstick that are enriched with argan oil. They come in 8 hot shades and deliver intensely saturated colour with just one swipe. These long-wear lipsticks are formulated to define and enhance the shape of your lips while keeping them nourished and conditioned.

Ask women to name their favourite makeup products, and 8/10 times chances are they'll say it's lipstick. And why not, a swipe of lipstick is enough to add colour to and brighten up a dull face. All the makeup beginners often start with lipstick as it’s the simplest way to get initiated. The best thing about lipsticks is that these come in a variety of hues and textures and there is always something for everyone. Matte lipstick is the most favoured and favourite kind of lipstick. All makeup brands have matte lipsticks, and these are mostly bestsellers. The reason behind the popularity of matte finish lipsticks is the fact that these are quite pigmented, long wear and deliver intense colour making the lips look bolder. But finding the perfect matte lipstick can be quite a tedious task as it can also be drying. It is best to pick a formula that is hydrating along with being pigmented and that which does not tug on the skin on application.

MyGlamm Perfect Curves Chubby Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented, comfort wear lipsticks thta come in playful pencil form. The lipsticks shades are custom curated for Indian skin tone and range from evergreen reds and pinks, to trendy coral and nudes. One stroke is all that is needed to coat your lips with the most flattering colours for a vivid, and bright look. The texture of these lipsticks is creamy matte and these deliver intense colour as they glide smoothly on the lips to last for a longer duration. The slim bullet design allows for easy and precise application even while you are on the go. Long with adding a pop of colour, these lipsticks define and enhance the shape your lips. Enriched with natural oils like tropical plant and Argan oil, Perfect Curves Chubby Matte Lipsticks come with conditioning, moisturising and nourishing benefits that keep the lips soft and plump. If you are looking for best matte lipstick, Perfect Curves is just the thing for you. 

Here’s a lipstick tutorial that shows you how to use perfect curves chubby matte lipstick to flaunt the hottest shades with matte texture.

Step 1:
Exfoliate your lips gently to get rid of flaky or loose skin from the surface of the lips.

Step 2:
Moisturise your lips with a lip balm 5-10 minutes prior to lipstick application.

Step 3:
Apply evenly on your lips for smooth matte finish. Use it directly or apply with the help of a lip brush.


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