Peach Smokey Eye

Peach coloured eyeshadow is bright, fun, cheerful, and versatile, mix it up with the classic smokey eye look and that is perfect for summers. Watch our makeup expert show you how to ace this gorgeous look.

Step 1:
Take the yellow corrector from the Total makeover FF Cream palette and dab it over your eyelids using a finger. Set it with Glow to Glamour matte fixing powder.

Step 2:
Apply bronzer from the Chisel It Game Face palette on the eye crease. Blend. Take highlighter from the same palette on the eyeshadow brush and dab on the centre of the lids.

Step 3:
Take some Stay Defined HD brow powder on a blending brush and apply on the outer corners of the eyes. Carefully blend into the highlighter. Dab blush along the eye crease and blend.

Step 4:

Use Jet Set Eyes kajal to tight line the lower lash line and apply a dash of highlighter on the inner corners.

Step 5:

Draw a sharp winged eyeliner using the Stay Defined HD Liquid Eyeliener. Apply generous coats of Threesome Mascara on the lashes.

Step 6:
Exfoliate and moisturise the lips and glide on Perfect Curves Lipstick in Carnation followed by lip gloss.


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