Orange Benefits For Skin That Will Make It Your Favourite Glow Up Ingredient


Orange is going to become your favourite fruit after you realise the amazing orange benefits for skin. This fruit is essential as it packs a punch of vitamin C that your skin will love. From reducing dark spots to delivering dewy dumpling skin, here are the reasons why orange deserves a spot in your skincare routine.


Benefits Of Orange For Skin

Benefits Of Orange For Skin


Here are the many benefits of orange for skin that you should know of because they are the key to bringing out the best glow ever.

Rich In Vitamin C

Vitamin C is necessary for healthy bodily functions, and since the skin is the largest organ of your body, vitamin C is essential for good skin health. Orange are a primary source of of vitamin C and therefore beneficial when consumed in a diet and when applied topically on the skin.


Exfoliates Skin

Oranges have exfoliating properties to help renew and slough off dead skin cells. Oranges can also help unclog pores when used as a scrub or in serum form. Using orange in skin care regularly can even help fight sun damage.


Reduces Dark Spots

Vitamin C-rich oranges can help reduce dark spots and fade them away quickly. Oranges are beneficial for the skin as they make spots disappear and reveal a more even-toned glow.


Boosts Radiance

The naturally-exfoliating and skin brightening properties make oranges a good radiance-boosting skincare ingredient. The citrus fruit can remove a tan, reduce dullness, fade dark spots, and correct uneven skin tone while making the skin feel smooth and plump.


Prevents Acne

Oranges have citric acid which helps dry out acne and reduces their size. Oranges also control and prevent excess sebum production which helps keep acne at bay.

How To Include Orange In Skincare?

Make Orange Peel Powder

You can make orange peel powder with the leftover skins of the fruit and then use it in skincare DIYs. Place the peels on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake it for 20 minutes until you notice the peels have dehydrated well. Remove the peels and crush them to a powder in a blender or hand grinder. Store in a clean airtight container. You can mix the powder with honey, aloe vera gel, or milk cream to make a gentle face scrub to boost your glow.


Orange Essential Oil

Stock up on orange essential oil and add a drop or two to your face pack before applying it on your skin. You can also add a few drops of orange essential oil to rose water in a spray bottle and use it as a refreshing face mist.


Try Skincare Infused With Orange Extracts

There are many OTC skincare products that are formulated with orange extracts available in the market. You can try an orange-infused face cleanser and moisturiser, ubtan face packs, and orange infused serum sheet masks for some skincare TLC.


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Use this mandarin orange-infused sheet mask to get dewy dumpling skin with visible radiance. It delivers a good dose of vitamin C to your skin to reduce dark spots, dullness and signs of ageing.

Orange Peel Powder Uses


Orange peel powder can be used in many skincare DIYs. The peels of orange contain more vitamin C than the actual flesh of the fruit making it even more effective in treating your skin concerns. Orange peel powder can be used as a face scrub by mixing in some milk cream to form a paste. It can also be used to make a face pack by adding yoghurt and honey. When used as a scrub, it helps gently exfoliate skin and when used as a pack it delivers essential vitamins and helps reverse damage.

Orange benefits for skin are as good as any of your OTC vitamin C skincare products. Add oranges to your skincare routine to get naturally glowing skin.

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