On Your Mark, Jet Set, Go!

Jet Set Eyes

The Jet set eyes is a 2 in 1 product.

It works as a Kajal as well as an eyeliner.

  • This product is smudge proof and extremely long lasting. Unlike traditional Kohl liners , the Jet Set kajal does not smudge under the eyes after application. The ingredients used in the kajal make it safe to use, long lasting and extremely dark to avoid going over it through the day.

  • The second use of the product beside the kajal is as an eyeliner. Jet set eyes creates a smoky-eye look on the eyelids besides the normal wing eyeliner. The product smudges in the first 5 mins of application to create a perfect smoky-eye after which it dries and stays on for hours on end. This prevents your makeup from fading or smudging.

There are various looks one can create with this product, such as-

  1. The wing eye liner
  2. The reverse cat eye
  3. The graphic eyeliner
  4. The floating crease
  5. The Amy winehouse cateye

Take a look at our tutorials for some inspiration!


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