Ombré Winged Eyeliner With Nude Pink Lips

Ombré or dual-toned eye makeup is among the biggest trends this season. It involves wearing two eyeshadow colours on the eyes which are fused together to give an alluring effect. Marry this with another hit trend, the winged eyeliner and you get a fierce and feminine look that will turn heads and grab eyeballs without even trying. Learn how to master this fun and edgy look and show your true colours.

Learn how to create this look in easy steps:

Step 1:

Stick tapes diagonally on the outer edges of the eyes to get even wings.

Step 2:

Using Smoky Quartz Eyeshadow stick, which is a shimmery brown powder eyeshadow, start at the outer edge of the eye. Create a wing along the tape and smudge it gently.

Step 3:

Next, use Aquamarine Eyeshadow stick which is a sea blue powder eyeshadow along the upper eyelid and blend. Fuse it with the brown eyeshadow.

Step 4:

Make the flick more prominent by darkening it using the brow eyeshadow. Layer the eyeshadow and then gently use a blush to blend away the harsh line, if any.

Step 5:

Repeat the above steps on the other eye. Remove the tapes gently to reveal perfectly sharp flicks.4

Step 6:

On the cheeks, add a flush of colour by mixing together peach blush and pearl highlighter form the Chisel It Sow Stopper palette. Apply on the tops of cheekbones, tip of the nose and on the chin.

Step 7:

Finish off by applying a muted pink lipstick, like the Butterlicious Shea Butter Creamy Matte Lipstick in Rosé. 


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