Olive Oil Is The Magical Elixir That Will Make Your Hair Super Soft & Glossy


Olive Oil Is The Magical Elixir That Will Make Your Hair Super Soft & Glossy

Olive oil is a common kitchen ingredient that’s used to flavour food but have you ever tried olive oil for hair? This popular cooking oil holds tons of haircare benefits that you should not be missing out on. The benefits of olive oil for hair range from essential nourishment to deep moisturisation and more. Here’s why you should add olive to your hair care routine and how exactly should you do it,


Benefits Of Olive Oil For Hair 

Deep Conditioner

Olive oil is rich in emollients like oleic acid, squalene, and palmitic acid. Since these emollients are present in olive oil, it offers the hair a deep moisturising treatment when used topically. The mane looks and feels super soft and shiny thanks to the natural properties of this hair oil.


Hair Growth Stimulator

The uses of olive oil for hair extend to hair growth as well. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids. This means it has the ability to strengthen the hair follicles and soothe the scalp so that your hair grows faster and stronger overtime. 


Controls Dandruff

Another one of olive oil hair benefits is its ability to soothe the scalp when you are experiencing dandruff. Olive oil will not banish dandruff completely but it will help remove flakes and eliminate itchiness when massaged on the scalp and combed.


Reduces Splitends

Using olive oil as a hair serum for splitends is one of the best things ever. The benefits of olive oil on hair has a strengthening and glossing effect that can also treat splitends effectively. Using it as a pre shampoo or a post conditioner detangling agent is ideal to keep splitends in check.


How to Use Olive Oil for Hair

how to use olive oil for hair

Hot Oil Massage

A hot oil massage with olive oil for hair will result in healthy locks with desirable bounce and shine. You can also add in 4 drops of essential oil of choice for added benefits. Just slightly heat the olive oil over the stove and then section your locks and apply the oil with a cotton ball all over your head. Massage it in and wash it off one hour later with an invigorating shampoo.


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DIY Hair Mask

Since olive oil is a great deep conditioning agent, using it in a DIY hair mask will do your locks many favours. A simple and super effective hair mask for soothing and cleaning dandruff while moisturising the strands is mixing two tablespoons of olive oil with two tablespoons of curd and one tablespoon of lemon juice and applying it to the scalp and lengths. Let it sit for thirty minutes and then wash it off with shampoo and conditioner.


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Detangling Agent

Apply olive on the ends of your locks before a hair wash or simply to help detangle your locks while combing. This step will not only soften and cure dryness on the ends, but it will also tend to split ends and prevent more damage from happening.


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Who Should Use Olive Oil 


Thick Hair

Olive oil for hair is best suited for thicker and dry hair types like curly hair or frizzy and voluminous wavy hair. This is because olive oil is so moisturising that it could weigh down other hair types while thicker hair types will easily drink up olive oil and look bouncy and shiny. 


Processed Hair

Anyone who has undergone chemical treatments like colour or rebonding experiences excessive dryness and here’s where olive oil can come to the rescue. Olive oil will offer essential hydration and moisture to such damaged locks and it will bring it back to life.


Split Ends

Those of you experiencing split ends should definitely add olive oil to your haircare routine. Olive oil prevents breakage and strengthens hair from root to tip. It’s moisturising properties also help smooth and moisturise split ends so that they appear less prominent and more damage is prevented.



Is olive oil good for hair growth?

Olive is a good choice for hair growth and can be used as a pre shampoo treatment. Massaging olive oil in hair will help improve blood circulation as well to promote hair growth.

Does olive oil thicken hair?

It deeply moisturises hair and makes it appear thicker, with volume, bounce, and shine.

Is olive oil good for thin hair?

It is good as a pre wash hair treatment or as a hair loss or hair breakage treatment for thin hair.

You can rely on olive oil for hair that looks naturally voluminous, thick, shiny, and feels soft to the touch. Adding this hair oil to your haircare routine will be the best decision ever.

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