Look your best everyday with these office makeup tips


If you are an office-going-girl, chances are you go through the dilemma of wearing makeup or not every day. Makeup surely elevates our confidence level by enhancing the appearance but then, how much makeup is too much for the office? Also, does wearing a full face of makeup everyday bad for the skin? There are many such questions that we all wonder about. Right from suitable lipstick colours to making the makeup last longer, and if red is too bold for office, the dilemma is unending.

We are hear to help you out. While subtlety is the key to any office-worthy look, there is no harm in embracing bold colours like red, fuchsia and burgundy for your workplace. Whatever you do, always remember that striking the right balance is important. One unsaid rule for office makeup we all will agree with is that piling on too much makeup is a compete no-no. The idea is to look as natural as possible with being too obvious with makeup. You do not want to get bothered with retouching time and again.

So, if you want to look your best every day until the last working hour of the day, follow these easy makeup tips before you head to your office.

Play up the eyes
Subtly done eyes are fit for the office so keep your eye makeup simple yet magical. Tight line the eyes with a black kajal or add a touch of colour with coloured eyeliner, the choice is yours. Avoid shimmer and glitter unless you want to look like a show girl.

Go easy on mascara
While we all love spidery, long lashes, loading your lashes with tons of mascara can only lead you into trouble. You should aim for noticeable but not in-your-face. So, let go of the mascara after one or maximum two coats.

Avoid fake lashes
Save those falsies for Friday night. You don’t want one of the faux lashes falling of in the middle of a presentation. Sounds dreadful, isn’t it? Falsies and office just don’t mix.

Skip the dark eye makeup
Office is the last place you need to get heavy-handed with the eyes. Keep the sultry, smokey, look for after hours. Also, dark eye makeup can give you panda eyes by the eod which is totally unflattering. Choose eyeshadows that will brighten up your eyes. Neutrals colours like grey, taupe, bronze or brown are tried and tested. Apart from those, you can go for pink, lavender and aqua. Try to stay away from glitters.

Power lip
Among all the ifs and buts, we have good news for red lipstick lovers. You can actually wear red lipstick to work. While blue-based reds are a bit too dramatic, brick and tomato reds are softer.

One feature at a time
Yes, this applies to the office look. Don't go strong on more than one feature at one time. You don’t want to look overdone before a big client meeting and keep your boss wondering if you have come to work straight from a party.

Don’t ignore the nails
Well-groomed nails never hurt anyone. Get your manicure done and walk into the work like a boss. Trust us, neat and well-manicured nails can take your confidence a notch higher, not to mention, leave a lasting impression on the client. Nude and pastel nail paints go with all kinds of outfits.

No to blingy nail art
Bedazzled, glittery and loud nails have no place in an office setting. Blingy nail accessories can be distracting and loud patterns may look totally out of place at work. You don’t want to be known as the ‘weird girl with the leopard-print nails’.


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