New Versatile Lip Shades Every Girl Must Own


What better way to add a pop of colour to your day than to wear a bright lipstick, right? In hues of pink and red, we bet you'll find your perfect lippie shade from this list. Wear any of these shades to work or to catch brunch with the girls and you're bound to fetch plenty of compliments! If you like what you read then here's a mini-guide to choosing your signature lipstick shade.


'Debutante' makes for a fun and cool lip colour, which is why, this shade is a must-have in your vanity, especially during the monsoons. This vibrant and peppy shade is sure to lift your mood. What more? 'Debutante' complements the Indian skin complexion perfectly well as it balances between both warm and cool complexions, making it the ultimate colour for all seasons.

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The bold and daring 'Biscotti' shade will make you stand out instantly. Since maroonish red suits all skin types, it makes for a perfect lip shade to flaunt during the monsoons. Be it your basic attire or an elaborate outfit, 'Biscotti' never fails to look elegant.

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This classy, feminine lip colour is all you need on a boring day because even with minimal makeup on, 'Carnation' can take your makeup game a notch higher. Dab some concealer on the area around your lips to make the shade pop furthermore.

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Red lipstick is always a good idea, especially on the bleakest of days. From red carpets to ramps and celebrities to models and bloggers, this shade has been quite the favourite amongst all fashionistas. Play down your eyes if you’re wearing this vivid red lipstick.

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Pop colour lipsticks are having a big moment right now. 'Ampere' is a vibrant fuchsia pink lipstick that can amp up any look in a moment. The best part is that it goes well with all skin tones. You can choose two vibrant shades at once and rock two-toned lips if you are feeling adventurous.

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