Natural Makeup For Brides Who Are Minimalists At Heart


Search for #bridalmakeup on Instagram and your feed will be swamped with over 17 million photos that present a multitude of trends, from dramatic to demure. Where wedding day beauty looks were once infiltrated with completely-masked, glittery makeup, celebrity brides like Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma honed in on a classic, minimalistic look. Thanks to these B-town divas, the natural bridal makeup trend is on a meteoric rise at the moment and we are officially on-board.  

So, if you want to join the natural bridal makeup crew, we have curated some of-the-moment bridal makeup looks that are guaranteed to score you a never-ending stream of compliments. 

Natural Bridal Makeup

The natural wedding makeup looks listed below are subtle yet striking and are perf for brides who are less than thrilled about having a ton of product on their face. Check them out to spark some beauty inspiration.


It’s still all about the eyes. If you love keeping up with the latest in beauty, this natural bridal makeup might be your favourite way to make heads turn.

Image Credits: Instagram

How to get the look

Step 1: For Luminous Base

To rock a glowy, dewy base all you need to do is give your face a 2-minute massage with your go-to creamy moisturiser. Then, apply a layer of primer to ace a luminous base. Follow it up with your foundation and concealer. 

Step 2: To Nail That Gossamer Eyeshadow

Smooth on an eye primer to prep those lids for makeup. Then apply a rusty nude eyeshadow all over your eyelids and crease. Complete the look by applying a winged liner and sticking on a pair of falsies.


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Step 3: For Flushed Cheeks

Dap a few dots of peach blush that matches the eyeshadow tone on the apple of your cheeks and blend it away. Apply a liquid highlighter on the high point of your face.

Step 4: To Ace That Pout

To perfect the pout, all you need is a glossy lipstick in a nude hue in your makeup kit.

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Shimmery Eyes With Soft Mauve Lips

This natural bridal makeup look one is subtle in its approach and edgy enough to help you make a statement.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

How to get the look

Step 1: For A Soft-Focus Base: 

The key here is to use a few soft-focus and luminous products in conjunction with your skin-perfecting routine. We recommend using a luminescent moisturiser, then follow it up with a primer to get a silky-smooth canvas. Wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes to ensure the products really sink into your skin and then proceed with your foundation and concealer.

Step 2: To Ace Silver Eye Makeup

Apply a brown-nude matte eyeshadow on the outer crease of your eyes to define the sockets. Then, take a darker shade of brown and apply it slightly below the light brown shade. Blend the two together using a clean fluffy brush. This will help in giving depth to the eyes. Next, apply a gold eyeshadow all over your lids and grab a kohl eyeliner to apply liner on the upper lash line and smoke it out using a fluffy brush.

Step 3: She Came. She Contoured. 

Use a powder blush to impart a rosy aesthetic to your cheeks. Then, use a contour to give your face a more sculpted look.

Step 4: Nail That Pout

Apply a nude brown lipstick to complete the look.

Bronzed Look With Blushed Cheeks

If you gravitate towards effortlessly gorgeous looks, this is a trend-forward way to don a natural bridal makeup look.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

How To Get The Look:

Step 1: For That Glow: 

Prep your skin using a moisturiser or a serum. Then apply a primer. We recommend using a formula that gives your skin a lit-from-within glow. Next, follow it up with a serum-infused formula or mixing a few drops of facial oil to your foundation will also do the trick.

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Step 2: To Nail The Pretty Eye Makeup

All you need to do is apply a transition shade on the outer crease of your eyes, then follow it with a glittery soft pink eyeshadow to fill in the center of your eyelid. Accentuate your eyes by applying eyeliner. Don’t forget to coat your lashes with mascara.

Step 3: To Be The Sparkle

Just dab a few dots of cream blush on the apple of your cheeks and blend.. Apply a liquid highlighter on the high point of your face including your cheek bones and the bridge of your nose to get the glow of your dreams. Complete the look by opting for a nude pout.

Soft Smokey Eyes, Nude Lips

This classic natural bridal makeup is straight-up art. It’s timeless and looks super gorgeous on everyone. 

Image Courtesy: Instagram

How to get the look

Step 1: To Ace The Base

Moisturise your face, then use a primer to prep your skin. Follow it up with a foundation of your choice.

Step 2: Smokey Eyes FTW! 

Grab an eyeshadow brush to blend a nude brown eyeshadow shade out on the outer crease of your eyes and below your lash line too. Then, apply a gold eyeshadow on your eyelids using a flat shader brush. Apply some kohl along the upper and lower water line. Line your upper lash line with kohl liner. Coat your lashes in mascara or stick on a pair of falsies. 

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Step 3: The Final Touch-Ups: 

 Use a blush and highlighter to enhance your best features. Then, coat your lips in your favourite nude lip gloss to make an eye-catching statement.

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Pink Always Works!

Want to don a pinktastic beauty look? This natural bridal makeup look is perf to stand out from the crowd. 

Image Courtesy: Instagram

How To Get The Look:

Step 1: For that picture-perfect base:

First, prep your skin with a glow-boosting moisturiser. Then, buff a little layer of an illuminating serum-infused primer to retain max glow. Use a damp sponge for your foundation to get a gorgeous finish. Dot and blend concealer under the eyes and on any scars or blemishes you wish to cover.

Step 2: Soft-Pink Eyes

Take a little bit of matte brown colour to just blend on the outer corner of the eye and then apply some pink shadow on the outer corner of your lids and golden shadow on the inner corner. Apply a winged liner. To finish the eye, coot the lashes with mascara and stick on a pair of fluttery false eyelashes.

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Step 3: For That IG-Worthy Contour

Add warmth to your face by using a bronzing powder across the temples, hairline and jawline, and sculpt the face by applying the cream contour along the hollows of your cheeks. Then, pop an illuminating blush on the apple of your cheeks.

Step 4: Nude Pout FTW!

Apply a nude pink lipstick to complete the look,

Oh-So Dreamy

Here’s a natural bridal makeup look that’s guaranteed to rakin in the compliments. It’s oh-so-dreamy.

Image Credits: Instagram

How To Get The Look:

Step 1: Nail The Picture-Perfect Base

Use a primer-moisturiser face base to help keep skin hydrated while ensuring staying power of what follows. We recommend using two different kinds of foundations so you only shine in the right places. Apply velvet matte foundation on the center of the face, around folds of the mouth, where your nose meets your cheek, and a touch to the center of the forehead. Then, apply a glowy foundation to the rest of the face using a separate tool. Set the makeup on your forehead, around the chin and nose using a translucent powder to keep it from creasing. 

Step 2: Thou Brow Shalt Stay On Fleek

Fill in any gaps in the brows with your eyebrow pencil and feather them out with a spoolie. If you’re blessed with fuller eyebrows, you can just use a brow gel to set it in place.

Step 3: Too Glamm To Give A Damn

Smear an eyeshadow primer across your eyelids to ensure your makeup stays put all night long.Apply a peach-brown eyeshadow all over the lids. Grab a kohl eyeliner pencil and apply a winged eyeliner. Finally, apply a coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes or choose a voluminous pair of falsies.

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Step 4: For Model-Esque Cheekbones

Use a cream bronzer along your jawline, hairline and cheekbones for a more chiseled look. Make sure you blend it well. Apply a cream highlighter on cheeks and high points of the face, using your fingers to pat and press the product. Then, apply a rosy cream blush on the apple of your cheeks, blend it upwards towards the temple. 

Step 5: Think Peach

Use a creamy matte lipstick in a peachy-pink hue to complete this eye-catching beauty look. 


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Image Courtesy: Instagram

How To Get The Look:

Step 1: Prep, Prep, Prep

Use a luminous primer and layer it with your go-to foundation. Dab concealer on area that need more coverage.


Step 2: Sparkle Away!

Apply some glittery eyeshadow on your lids. Then, apply some kohl eyeliner along the upper lash line. Complete the look by applying a gossamer pair of falsies.

Step 3: Get, set, glow!

Use a liquid highlighter on the high points of your face. Apply some blush to rock that pretty flush and seal the deal using a makeup setting spray.

Step 4: Pretty In Pink:

Complete the look by applying a poppy shade of pink.

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