Nailing Those Nail Shapes

You’ve already had your share of go-to round nail tips or those perfectly square French manicures. But what about coffin nails? Or almond nails? And weren’t stilettos a type of footwear?

MyGlamm now has a guide for all those fancy manicures and when to wear them –

Round nails – This classic needs no introduction. Rounded nail tips are an all-time favourite and help in making your fingers look long and slender.

Where to wear? These nails are perfect for everyday wear; be it college, work or just a casual dinner with friends.

round nails

Square nails- Popularly paired with a pristine French manicure, these are nails filed with straight edges for a completely square look. Be careful though, these can make your fingers look shorter and chubbier.

Where to wear? This style is as versatile as round nails and can be worn almost anytime, anywhere.

square nails

Oval nails – Meet the round manicure’s sharper cousin. Oval nails are longer and narrower than round nails, but are equally good for giving your nails an elongated and slimming look.

Where to wear – Use them to upgrade your everyday look. You can wear them to your college prom or your date night. With a pop of colour, be sure to get noticed.

oval nails

Squoval – Can’t pick between square or oval nails? The squoval is for you. Also called the soft square, this shape has the width of the square manicure coupled with rounded corners to take off some of the edge. Perfect nails for some elaborate nail art.

Where to wear – A wedding, cocktail party or even a corporate dinner with a nude polish.

squoval nails

Almond nails – These have a wide base that slowly taper towards the top and ends in a peak.

Where to wear – Make them a date night staple for the delicate look they give to your hands.

almond nails

Stiletto nails – This high maintenance diva of manicures looks a lot like our beloved heel. Stiletto nails are extremely long and pointy, and the result is fiercely fashionable.

Where to wear? Reserve this look for a night full of partying.

stiletto nails

Coffin nails – One of the newest manicure trends, this style leaves your nails with a wide base and sides that taper with a squared top to give them a coffin shape. Coffin nails are also known as ballerina nails for their resemblance to a ballerina’s pointed shoes.

Where to wear? Wear these to your next theme party and watch heads turn.

coffin nails

Flared nails- These have a narrower base and flare out towards the top, giving you a large canvas for intricate nail art.

Where to wear? Get flared nails for that family event where sharper styles might scare the adults.

flared nails

We just can’t seem to pick a favourite. Can you?


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