Short Nails Nail Art Manicure Inspo Ahead: 20 Best Nail Art Designs For Short Nails!

Short Nail Art

Manicures are always a good idea! The pretty colours, the creative designs, they’re all so eye-catching and they make your digits look super neat. But, who said they’re only reserved for people with long nails? Short nails & short nails nail art can be fun too! While short nails nail art can be tricky, that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. Varying from marble nails to French manicures with a bit of a twist, the possibilities of simple short nail designs are endless. So don’t the length of your nails stop you from having a little bit of fun with them. Here are 20 short nails nail art designs that you can try out –– no matter what the season, or the occasion.


Best Nail Art Designs For Short Nails


Whether you’re looking for something minimalistic or something glam, something classy or something cute, there’s something for everyone. Scroll down to see the best nail art designs for short nails. 


Perfect Swirls

Perfect Swirls - Short Nail Art


Image courtesy - Instagram


Isn’t this so pretty? Keeping things simple, this minimalist nail art uses a pastel hue, paired with white. In this particular short nail art design, the lines are very clean and are set against the natural base of your nails.


Nude Nuance

Nude Nuance- Short Nail Art

Image courtesy - Instagram


This nail design for short nails is perfect for those who stick to neutral colours but want to add a fun design to them. Keeping your base beige, this nail art design breaks the monotony with dots near the nail bed. This would be a great manicure for the working woman, who likes to keep things professional (but still have some fun).


Botanical Nails

Botanical Nails - Short Nail Art

Image courtesy - Instagram


This nail art uses botanical prints on the ring and the middle finger. You can opt for a brighter green on one hand and a neutral nude on the other. 


Ninja Nails

 Ninja Nails -Short Nail Art

Image courtesy - Instagram


Think of the ninja turtles, except instead of green they’re white. This brush textured manicured short nail design looks really good on short nails


Japanese Art


Japanese Art - Short Nail Art

Image courtesy - Instagram


This manicure is great for those who want to get creative, without going overboard. Using fine lines, circles, dots, it’ll remind you of a Japanese painting. 

Gold For The Gold

Gold For The Gold - Short Nail Art

Image courtesy - Instagram


Where blue marble nails meet a hint of gold, this manicure works well for people with short and long nails. The gold foil adds a nice glam touch to this simple short nail art design.

Connect The Dots

Connect The Dots - Short Nail Art

Image courtesy - Instagram


A spot here, a spot there –– this colourful combination of different bright hues, gives a nice whimsical play to a simple manicure.

Glitter Me Pretty

Glitter Me Pretty - Short Nail Art

Image courtesy - Instagram

Where glitter meets abstract, this nail design for short nails screams shimmer with a bit of elegance. You can even switch up the colours and opt for deeper hues like red or pink, to give it a fun, whimsical touch.

French Tip Twist


Image courtesy - Instagram


Even if you’ve got short nails, it shouldn’t stop you from a pretty French. Add some glitter to the area above the cuticle and you’ll give this classic a contemporary look.


Patchwork Play

Image courtesy - Instagram


A play on patchwork, this short nails nail art is super cosy and perfect for the winter. Remember to use a glossy nail enamel to give it that high shine look.


Simple & Subtle

Image courtesy - Instagram


Jazz your simple manicure up with some stones and glitter on the ring finger. You can even use a matte nail polish on the same finger, to play around with the textures.

Go Bananas

Source: Instagram


Looking for something cute and quirky? This lemon yellow banana nail art for short nails fits the bill!







Playground Central

Image courtesy - Instagram


How cute is this short nail design? Taking playful elements like clouds, flowers, and a smiley face, this pastel coloured nail art is too cute to give a miss!


Floral Fantasy

Image courtesy - Instagram


Elegant flowers paired with neutral hues is the best way forward. This short nails nail art gives your nails a youthful, yet sophisticated feel. Go ahead and play around with textures by using a matte nail enamel on just one nail.


Outline Heavy


Image courtesy - Instagram


Giving you that pop art kind of vibe, outline your nails with your favourite nail lacquer. This simple nail art design for short nails will totally make your hands look more appealing.


The ‘Moo’-nicure


Image courtesy - Instagram


Monochromatic, but a lot more fun! This short nails nail art incorporates the plain old black and white nails with a cow print twist. How cute is that?!







Little Red Riding Hood


Image courtesy - Instagram


You can never go wrong with bright red short nails nail art. Add elements such as polka dots and French tips to it so that it breaks the boring monotony of the red, without looking too tacky.





Glitter Tips


Image courtesy - Instagram


If you like glitter, but often tend to think that it might be too much for you then this manicure is perfect. This nail art design for short nails at home is easy to do and looks absolutely elegant.


Tortoise Shell


Image courtesy - Instagram


Going for the light brown/ nude? Why not break it up with this tortoiseshell print on your ring and middle finger. The nail art design for short nails adds a nice edgy vibe to subtle nails and looks eye-catching thanks to its gold flecks.


Pretty Simple

Image courtesy - Instagram


All you need for this is a nude base, glossy top coat and some gold nail lacquer that’ll make those gorgeous lines pop. This manicure is apt for the minimalistic buff!


The Matte Marble Effect




Image courtesy - Instagram


Go for the marble effect with some gold flecks, but instead of going high shine opt for matte nail polish as the base, to give the regular trend a slightly edgy feel.


MyGlamm Recommends Best Nail Paints To Do Nail Art


Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration and the right tools to ‘nail’ your manicure –– and the best way to do so is with the best nail products. Scroll down to see the range of nail paints you can use to recreate the nail art for short nails.


LIT Nail Enamel



 Long-term, playful, and absolutely gorgeous, the LIT Nail Enamels come with a gloss sealer patented technology that gives off an instant high shine effect. It’ll literally give you professional gel manicures, a run for their money. The formula improves colour reflection, instantly brightens up the hue you’re wearing, and gives off a glossy shine.


Rs 190


Buy here


Manish Malhotra Gel Finish Nail Lacquer




Pretty in pastels, this range of nail paints gives ‘cute’ a whole new vibe. It’s got a high shine, gel finish with a non-toxic formula. Just a single stroke is enough to give your nail a full coverage of colour. And it dries in just 70 seconds –– so no more unnecessary smudges. This nail lacquer will allow you to make amazing short nails nail art designs!


Rs 295


Buy here


LIT Matte Nail Enamel


Matte nails are so underrated. They’re edgy and can fit into every occasion. The LIT Matte Enamels gives you a long wear time, which is something that is difficult to find with matte nail paints. The formula gives you a stronger colour payoff, brightens your nails, and mattifies it in seconds. The contoured applicator helps in the application.


Rs 220


Buy here


Wanderlust Sand Matte Nail Polish 2020

Where glitter meets matte, the Wanderlust Chrome Matte Nail Polish is the hybrid nail paint you need. With a textured matte finish, it’s chip-resistant and dries in an instant. The highly pigmented formula leaves you with a velvety, sophisticated finish that’s going to leave your digits happy and dazzling all the way through.


Rs 249


Buy here


PopXO Makeup - Mini Nail Kit


Meet the five nail paint mini kit that’ll give your digits the ultimate makeover. The chip-resistant and the long-lasting formula is also non-toxic and goes on streak-free. It has a high gloss effect that gives you that boujee feel, on a budget.


Rs 249


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Two Of Your Kind


Double the fun –– this duo comprises two striking nail polishes that come with a gel effect finish. The long-lasting formula keeps your digits chip-free for a while and will give your professional mani a run for its money. The colours are highly pigmented and give you a super high coverage in just one stroke. 


Rs 295


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