10 Nail Art Designs For Wedding That Are Going To Be Everywhere This Season

bridal nail art designs

Here comes the bride, all dressed in red lehenga - or it is a pastel-hued ensemble? The new-age brides are rewriting the rules on what to wear for the big day, and we’re all here for it. That said, whether you tend to be more of a classic, conventional bride or are looking for something avante garde, there’s an easy canvas on which you can display an extra peep of personality: your nails.

In order to get the download on the latest trends in wedding nail art, we combed through our manicure-heavy Instagram feed to find the best of the bests for you. Keep scrolling for some of the most-requested wedding nail art that'll get you inspired for the big day. Be sure to screenshot the ones you want to recreate so that you’ve an inspiration image on hand for your manicurist. 

Different Types Of Nail Art Designs For Brides And Bridesmaids

Keep reading for subtle-yet-elevated nail art ideas for weddings. No matter what style you choose, the important thing is to be true to yourself. So, go ahead add a little extra sparkle if that suits your fancy.

To Turn Heads 

Image Credits: Instagram

High-shine molten metals are legit one of the biggest trends to look out for in 2021. This style is super versatile and gives the freedom to experiment with hues. Think silvers, golds, and chromes. A perfect nail art design for brides and bridesmaids - this one tops our list.

The Bling-y Edit

Image Credits: Instagram

Whether you’re fond of going minimal and simple or you’re the one screaming extra, whether you love boasting bling or are a true rooter of subdued, this nail art design can be the one to call on. It glistens from every angle making it a perfect mani for trend-obsessed folks. 

Flower Power

Image Credits: Instagram

A nudish base topped with pretty blooms finely accentuated with glitter, this latest nail art design is amazing nail art design for weddings. It is the perfect amalgamation of subtlety and brightness with just the right tinch of bling without going too OTT. 

Red Hot!

Image Credits: Instagram

Muted polishes are going to be wildly popular nail art designs for brides. For instance, instead of a bright fuchsia, swap in a rich berry-ish shade. It’s warmer and more inviting, yet still eye-catching. So, if you are looking for a fuss-free way to elevate your look, this is the nail art to call on. 

To Make A Statement

Image Credits: Instagram

Minimalistic nail art never seems to go away, and it’s really simple to DIY since errors can easily be corrected with a quick swipe of clean-up brush drenched in acetone. We can’t stop rooting for this nail art for weddings. It is fuss-free yet trend-forward.

The Prettiest Of All

Image Credits: Instagram

Splendid with intricate design and ornamented with stones, this unique nail art design for weddings has our hearts. Right from the hues to the design, everything about this nail art makes it worth adding to your mood board. With a sheer neutral base with a hit of pearls, this manicure proves that minimal can be festive and fun, too.

The Crystal-Embedded Iteration

Image Credits: Instagram

The charming nail art design breathing in a pretty pink and white ombre hue, huge studded pearls and crystals is one plush design that’s going to make your nails outshine tbh. It’s subtle elegance literally oozes with an unmatched vivaciousness that’s too heart tugging.

The Updated French Mani

Image Credits: Instagram

The best way to upgrade your go-to nail art design for weddings? Trade in the regular white nail tips with a gold one and be prepared to make a polished, fashion-forward statement. It makes for a perfect manicure for the sparkle-inclined. 

For Minimalists

Image Credits: Instagram

While white nail paints are for a more polished  look. Tone them up with accents of glitter. Go for an opaque finish by adding more coats or hang back with a barely-there, sheer finish. The choice is yours. This nail paint hue looks great on all nail lengths and shapes and makes for one amazing wedding nail art.

For Marble-Esque Touch

Image Credits: Instagram

Being one of the best nail art designs there ever is, the marble effect nail is one stunner that you can’t miss bookmarking. It would make for an edgy pick for both brides and bridesmaids alike. Trust us, it's one of the best nail art designs for weddings.

Squared French Nail

This nail art for weddings can definitely fit your style if you are someone who is bored with round nails and a lot of designs. The pink and white shade goes hand in hand to give you a simple yet stylish cut. You can start with stiletto tips and then cut them to the desired length.

White Floral

This is stepping nail workmanship. This extraordinary technique can save time and is as yet appropriate for any event. Generally, nail art stamps are used to create this design for time-saving or else artist take their own time to create this manually. The flower detailing adds a stylish and exquisite touch to the final coffin shape

Star Struck

Very much like your sangeet function outfit is a fabulous and starry affairs. Ensure your nails are prepared to shimmer too with these star nail art design. Paint your nails in various examples like simply sparkling the closures, making diagonals with sparkle, or splattering some of them. These nail art designs for marriage will entirely go with your wedding outfit or sangeet function.


Ombre Nail Art

You should figure out how hard it will be to mix different nail polish on fingerprints yet relax, it looks confounded yet that is not the situation. It is very simple to accomplish this ombre nail art. Select any variety of nail art for a wedding party you need and you will be shocked when we will let you know that simply a little cosmetics sponge can do wonders on your nails 


Checkered Design

"Checks" nail art design is authoritatively the coolest nail plan one should do. You can attempt different examples like those displayed in the picture. You can likewise attempt this art at home as it is exceptionally straightforward and tasteful.


Butterfly Nail Art

Indeed, it's certain that the vast majority of us find butterflies charming and why not they are brilliant and pretty simultaneously. The equivalent goes with the butterfly nail paint art. Add a touch of variety and a charming little butterfly to give an astonishing turn to basic nail paint. You can wear this art as bridal nail art designs with glitters.


Metallic Rush

Metallic shades certainly get the notice of many eyeballs. Why go essential with pastels or typical basic variety beds when you can add the brilliance and sparkle of metal shades? Utilizing a mirror or metallic shades you can add an astonishing surface to your nail paint. You can style this art with precious stones, sparkles, or french shapes.


Snowflake Shower

If you are moving toward the pinnacle of wedding season then snowflake nail paint art is very much in. The reason being it looks stylish, and exquisite and adds an unmistakable focus on your base nail paint. There are plenty of choices that can be utilized with the snowflake art and it is certainly quite possibly the most unique and explorable choice for nail art designs for weddings.


Polka Dots

Polka dots nail art design must be the least demanding and the most utilized nail art design. Since it requires considerably less investment to make and design, polka designs are the go-to nail art design choice for each and everybody out there. Go dark or white or have a differentiating variety mix to add an alternate variety flavour to your dotted plan.


Stiletto French 

French tips are so rich and timeless for a lady of the hour who will be glancing back at her photographs everlastingly. You need to go for something that you will be infatuated with. We concur that occasionally every one of the ladies of the hour needs a straightforward clean and signature nail shape.





How do you do nail art for beginners?

It’s best to get your nail art done from a professional manicurist. However, if you have ever gotten a manicure from a nail technician, you know that there are all sorts of complicated tools involved in making your nail look good. But DW, you can buy those tools and take matters into our own hands and easily do it at home.

How do I get better at nail designs?

Plan and sketch the entire set before you do it on nails. Make sure that you have the right set of brushes that are precise enough. And, keep in mind that top coat is the king and never forget to clean up the unruly edges for a flawless nail art. 

What are the nail art designs for 2021?

The trending nail art designs for 2021 include ombre nails, French tips, DIY-able rainbow nails and velvet nails to name a few. 

What color nails should you wear to a wedding?


The colour of your nails for your wedding should be something that should compliment your wedding outfit. You can also add bridal nail art designs to it. Generally red and gold is the colour for wedding theme.


How many days before wedding should you get nails done?

You should do your nails 2 days before the wedding so that you get used to it and also there won’t be much chance of deterioration of nails.

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Screenshot your favourite nail design for weddings to show them to your trusty nail stylist.



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