face makeup course

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Face Makeup 101

From concealing to contouring and from foundation to blush, this is the beginners' guide to creating the perfect makeup

What you will learn
How to prep your face for makeup?

MUA Jazba Singh teaches you simple steps to prepare your face for makeup.

0.30 min
How to prime your skin?

Here how you can prep and prime your face to even out your skin using a primer

0.57 min
What is colour correction?

Your guide on color correction and how to conceal skin pigmentation using this technique

3.05 min
How to apply Foundation?

Quick tips on how to create a perfect base for your makeup with foundation

2.36 min
How to make your makeup last longer?

Set and lock in your makeup for hours using the Fixing and Highlighting powder

2.20 min
Course Summary

Here's a quick recap of all the steps you need to follow to create a flawless base makeup

0.21 min