Mini-mum's The Word Post NYE Celebrations

If youre emerging from your New Year's celebrations all blurry eyed and parched skin, this blog is for you! Aside from that juice cleanse you've vowed to adopt, you also need to cleanse your makeup/skincare routine. Here's what you need to know to get cracking

How to hide any evidence of afterhours excess

1)Scrub last night away
You can't undo most things you did on NYE when you were pectacularly sozzled but you can scrub away all the second hand smoke and makeup debris. Scrubbing not only removes the dead skin cells but also stimulates circulation which is essential helps in reducing puffiness. 

2)Skip the heavy base
All that party hopping meant you were slathering on the war paint more than usual. Time to give it a rest. Your skin will thank you for it. Instead of the whole primer + corrector +concealer +foundation spiel, keep it simple by just a primer or mixing just a drop of liquid foundation cream with your regular moisturiser. If you absolutely must apply a base ensure that your products are free of skin-suffocating elements such as paraben and mineral oil. 

See Total Makeover FF Cream

Consuming copious amounts of alcohol consumed when dry January was leaves skin feeling like paper, parched and dry. Consume coconut water as it will revitalise your skin immediately. Also plaster on a sheet mask before you slip into bed or when you wake up in the morning. 

4) Facial Oils
Your skin can break out because of excessive dryness too. Facial oils not only restore moisture but also heal and detoxify your skin. Post your cleansing ritual at night you can skip your regular night cream and reach out for a facial oil instead. 

5)Try a Home made Mask
Your pantry is better than any makeup aisle, cheaper too. A banana mask with some honey and a squeeze of lime not only instantly brings back the glow, it also makes your skin more supple. Try it after you've scrubbed your face clean.


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