Men, Get Groomed Using Your Girlfriend’s Vanity

Did you know guys that you could use your girlfriend’s vanity to transform your grunge look into a flawless one? Don’t believe us? Well, here’s a quick DIY that’ll help all you men out there to up your grooming game. Borrow a few makeup products from your girlfriend or wife’s makeup kit and you’re all set to look droolworthy. Watch the video here:

Who said men can’t have perfectly shaped eyebrows? You don’t necessarily need to undergo threading for that. All you need to do is grab a mascara stick and use it to define your brows, just how it’s shown in the video. A mascara has more uses than one. Ever imagined? For all those having a patchy beard, you can fix it using mascara too. Yes, see it to believe it.

Next, grab a lip balm and apply it on your lips. This will not only keep your lips moisturized throughout, but will also make them shine. Another way to use it is to apply it on your eyelids. This will make you look and feel fresh. See how these two makeup products entirely up the glow on your face, making you look immaculate. Try it and tell us how it worked!


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