Makeup Trends That Are Going To Be A Huge Hit After Quarantine

Quarantine Trending  Makeup Looks

Do you miss doing a full face of makeup and going to work? We bet you do (only the makeup part!). Well, we've got some news that'll put a smile on that pretty face of yours. While Coronavirus has forced us to practise #SocialDistancing and to stay inside our homes, it is also the perfect time to engage yourself in some ‘extra-curricular activities’ and yes by that we mean, trying out new makeup trends!

From coloured liners to vinyl lips to a flush of blush on your cheeks, we bet you wish to play with colours and try our makeup looks you haven't done before. There are so many looks to try out and live that #BeautyBlogger fantasy from the comfort of your homes. And we predict that some of these makeup looks are going to be huge once this pandemic ends! So, grab your makeup bag, take out your makeup brushes and start practicing these looks.

Colourful Eyeliner

Seems like colourful lids aren't going anywhere as people are all about making their eyes talk as we cannot step out without our face masks! Creating cat-eye looks with blue or pink or other bright eyeliners are going to be a hit once after the quarantine ends. This makeup trend effortelless and adds the perfect amount of colour to your lids, making it perfect for those who love wearing heavy makeup and even for those who usually take the minimal route.

PC: @lovely_and_lime 

Vinyl Lips

This hybrid makeup trend is a cross between the lip gloss and a tinted balm. It’s like wearing lip gloss, only less sticky and shinier. This new ‘IT’ beauty trend will leave you with an eye-catching reflective glaze of pigment on your lips. Just apply multiple coats of your fave lip gloss over your lip colour and that's it!

Link: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/295126581836130636/

Berry Blush

The biggest mistake you can make while quarantined is giving your skincare routine a break as you have to take care of that skin, always! But it's never too late to show your skin some love and this makeup trend is perfect if you have dull skin.

We predict that pigmented, berry blush is going to be the new ‘in thing’ once the quarantine ends. The rich berry hue is sure to brighten up your dull skin and add the perfect amount of hue on the apple of your cheeks, making your skin looking healthy and glowing.

Link: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/629167010432758925/

Goth Lipstick

Once this quarantine is over, don’t be afraid to take a walk on the dark side with deeper lipstick shades. Goth looks are in, especially with people now open to trying out new makeup trends! So give your nude and pink lipsticks a timeout and get ready to opt for dark maroons, deep purples or even black.

Link: https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/685884218238232382/

Quick Brow Products

When it comes to beauty, the one thing this lockdown has taught us is that eyebrow products are very important. Once everything is back to normal, everyone will not only be embracing the fuller brow trend (if they haven’t already), they will also always have a brow kit and a brow pencil in their bag.

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